Wyoming was my thirteenth stop squatchin’ in all 48 contiguous states in 2008. I was invited to go squatchin’ with Brooke Raser. Brooke is a member of the BFRO .

On the 12th of August, 2008 several local researchers accompanied Brooke and myself to an isolated mountain range in Eastern Wyoming. Although no reports have come this specific area the habitat appears to have everything required for at least a transient population of squatches. We saw many mule deer, elk, rabbits and jackrabbits in just the short drive to the location.

We used woodknocks and vocalizations in an attempt to illicit some type of response from animals in the area. It was extremely quiet. The only sounds being heard were the distant calls of great-horned owls.

Thanks for allowing me to tag along Brooke!

To listen to an audio recording of this segment click here.
Wyoming – 48 in ’08

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