I received the following comment from Bobby concerning my last post Woman Screaming. Since my reply was a little bit long I thought I would make a second blog post.


With all due respect and in your case my respect for you is immense. I respectfully gotta call you out on this one. Your saying that it’s 50/50 because theres no film/vid of a cougar making this sound?


Thanks for the comment.

I have never said that any sound that I have recorded or anyone else has recorded is a sasquatch. To my knowledge there are no videos publicly available showing a sasquatch making a vocalization and accepted by science as doing so.

Now with respect to cougars sounding like a “woman screaming.”

Let’s look at my Guidelines for Sound Identification.

Guidelines for Sound Identificaiton – # 1

I am unaware of a sound file of sufficient quality of a cougar sounding like a “woman screaming” to use for analysis. I may be wrong and hopefully someone has a sound file that they would share or a url  of an existing sound file on the internet that fits this description. Perhaps a university somewhere has one in their collection and we just don’t have access to it.

Guidelines for Sound Identificaiton – # 2

I have spoken with several people who say “Well, I have seen cougar tracks in these woods, or I have seen cougar in this area, therefore that sound must be from a cougar.”

Guidelines for Sound Identificaiton – # 3

And lastly we just don’t have a sound clip fitting the description of a “woman screaming”.

I have seen two tawny cougar and two black panthers here in Central Illinois since 2004. I have been recording continuously since the spring of 2006. No one would be more thrilled than myself to record a cougar in the wild.

Here are a few sites with cougar vocalizations:

Jungle Walk – Cougar

Partners In Rhyme -Big Cats

Paws On Line – Feline Sounds

Pictures of Cats – Cougar

Soundboard – Cougar

So please, if anyone knows of any additional websites with cougar vocalizations or of a video showing a cougar sounding like a “woman screaming” please let me know.