One concept that I see being repeated over and over again is that if there is a large bi-pedal ape in North America it must live in only the most remote, secluded wilderness areas. Commonly areas pointed to as likely habitat are the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, Northern California or if “back
East”, only inaccessible mountainous terrain.

But do witness reports really bear out this assumption?

Let’s take a look at several reports that have been posted by the BFRO, The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

Omaha, Nebraska
Various sightings near the Missouri River in Omaha, Nebraska.

I interviewed this witness. Although the report only goes into recent activity she told me that her family has had several sightings and heard vocalizations going back as far as the early 1960’s. What is significant is that this area is bounded on all four sides by major thoroughfares: I-480 on the west and north, I-29 on the east, I-80 on the south. It is also within 1 1/2 miles of the central district of Omaha, Nebraska.

Of special note is that Marlin Perkins who hosted Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom made a trip to the Himalayas with Sir Edmund Hillary in 1960 to check out reports of the Yeti. While on that trip they examined a supposed Yeti scalp that turned out to be a hoax. Perhaps they should have saved
their money, stayed home and talked to local witnesses in Omaha.

Topeka, Kansas
Hiker finds footprint near Topeka, Kansas.

What is significant about this report is the excellent picture that he was able to obtain of a possible juvenile bigfoot print. The exact location although not stated is within a couple miles of downtown Topeka and along the Kansas River.

St.Louis County, Missouri
Bow hunter observes animal in Creve Coeur bottoms

This report comes from an area that is 15 miles from downtown, St.Louis, Missouri and along the Missouri River. It also is only a couple of miles from very populated suburbs in west St.Louis County. This area is bounded on the west and south by I-40, on the north by I-70 and east by I-270.

Madison County, Illinois (unpublished)
This rural location in Madison County, Illinois has been the site of ongoing bigfoot sightings. It is near a small creek and approximately 15 miles from the Mississippi River. I did an on-site  investigation and saw several sets of footprints.

Central Illinois. (unpublished)

Another rural location in Central Illinois. This site is also located on a small wooded creek that flows  through corn and soybean fields. It is located 13 miles from the Sangamon River. Numerous whistles, woodknocks and howls have been recorded at this site.

Lee County, Illinois
Hikers find footprint along Franklin Creek.

This footprint was found along a small wooded creek in an agricultural area of Northern Illinois. It is located 5 miles from the Rock River.

Food – Water – Cover

The important factors for possible bigfoot habitat seem to be wooded streams or river systems and an adequate food supply, particularly a large deer population. Reports continue to come in whether they are close to major urban centers or agricultural areas.

It has been stated that the Pacific Northwest has a resident population of bigfoot on every watershed. A growing number of researchers are gradually coming to realize that perhaps it is the same situation east of the Rockies.