If there is one Achilles heal when dealing with sasquatch research it is behavior.  Sasquatch, as do all species of animals, tend to display the same set of behaviors within their specific groups.

One behavior that has been reported is the sasquatch affinity for domestic chicken.

Several years ago I was asked by a fellow researcher to accompany him to a rural home where the family had been experiencing loud vocals. They had also found possible stick structures and large footprints. The homeowner had lost several dozen chickens and ducks.  As it was getting dark when we arrived I found it interesting to see the only two chickens left were perched on the porch railing as close to the door as possible.   The homeowners eventually sold their home and moved.

In November of 2010 I gave a public presentation in Belleville, Illinois. After the talk I was approached by a woman from rural Red Bud, Illinois who had been losing five or six chickens several times a week. The chicken house showed no signs of forced entry. The only clue was the strange “cry baby” sounds that she would hear coming from the woods behind her home.

Recently I interviewed a homeowner from near Mt. Vernon, Illinois. He had seen an 8 ft upright figure around his outbuildings and was concerned for his livestock. During the conversation I asked about chickens and he said he had given up on raising them as they always disappeared.

I am currently recording long term at a rural residence near Greenville, Illinois. The family has learn wood knocks and unusual howls. And once again she notes that the neighbors chickens are upset at night.

And recently this newspaper article was published in our local newspaper here in Central Illinois concerning ducks.

May 29, 2012

 At approximately 8:41., a deputy was advised by dispatch of a need to return a call to a 53-year-old woman in reference to ducks being taken from her pen. The deputy contacted the woman who said she wanted to make a report of her ducks being taken. The woman informed the deputy she had four ducks in a pen in the backyard. The woman also reported there were a dozen eggs missing as well. the complainant reported the pen was not locked but the door was shut. There was no indication another animal had gotten into the pen. The woman advised there were two male and two female ducks. The deputy advised the woman a report would be completed. No arrest were made.

In most of these cases, although a sasquatch was not seen, the witnesses had noted unusual sounds and other unusual things happening around their residences.

But why take chickens or duck? Of course no one knows the answer other than maybe for the fact the chickens are small and  easy to carry.  Plus many people today that live out in the suburbs or rural areas raise a few chickens but do not raise the larger animals.

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