On the 5th of March I was sitting in a truck stop in Caldwell, Idaho. I am not hesitant to talk about my interest in bigfoot / sasquatch research. It all depends on the situation. Some people couldn’t care less, and others are very interested. I don’t recall exactly how the subject came up but truck drivers are one group of people who see lots of wildlife. Some of the most interesting reports I have read were by travelers of the road.

This fellow told me that he did not exactly believe in bigfoot but he did know where some werewolves were seen. I ask him to explain. He said that there is a stretch of road in Eastern Nevada that has had lots of reports of werewolves running along side the big trucks. The speed of these animals is incredible, at least 50 miles per hour. He said that he never believed the stories until one day a fellow driver who had experienced a sighting showed him claw marks on the cab of his truck.

Then one night, the truck driver I was speaking with, said that he had pulled over along the edge of the road and was sleeping. He woke up to hear an unusual sound of something being dragged along the pavement. He said that there was almost no travel along this road and no other trucks were stopped. He was hesitant to get out and check it out and went back to sleep. The next morning he found a large logging chain laying along his truck. He assumed that the noise he heard was that chain being dragged up and down the road.

He asked me what I thought about this. I told him that I did not accept the existence of werewolves but that it was my opinion that stories of werewolves were probably misidentified bigfoot. There are several reports of bigfoot running along side vehicles. Although Eastern Nevada does not seem like habitat for bigfoot he assured me that this area had several year-round springs and trees in the draws and gullys.