Washington was my eighth stop squatchin’ in all 48 contiguous states in 2008. I was invited to go squatchin’ with Kristine Walls, BFRO_Washington Curator, David Ellis BFRO_Washington Investigator, and John Andrews, an independent researcher. John has recorded many vocalizations at this site and they can be listened to at Sasquatch Research.net

On the 12th of April, 2008 I accompanied Kristine, David and John into the woods of Western Washington.

John demonstrated his call blasting techniques using his own voice and a PA electronic megaphone. We all took turns trying out the system. John is a real expert at doing different types of calls. The sound really echoed through the mountains but we did not hear any return vocalizations.

A few woodknocks were tried but the night was unusually quiet.

This area had been partially logged in the last two years. It is unclear whether or not this has affected the resident sasquatch population.

Thanks for allowing me to tag along Kristine, David and John!

To listen to an audio recording of this segment click here.
Washington – 48 in ’08

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