Northern Virginia was my second stop squatchin’ in all 48 contiguous states in 2008. I was invited to go squatchin’ with DB Donlon. We were joined by Billy Willard and Tom of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia.

On the 6th of January, 2008 we were in a wooded area about 45 miles from Washington, D.C. We spent about 5 hours hiking, setting up recording gear and listening for night sounds. This particular area has a history of several sightings and many vocalizations.

Although nothing unusual was heard this particular night it was still an enjoyable experience. The guys were a little disappointed that the evening was so quiet, but with the rainfall and additional researchers at the site things just didn’t pan out. If every time we went into the woods evidence was gathered it wouldn’t still be a mystery.

Thanks for allowing me to tag along DB, Billy and Tom!

To listen to an audio recording of this segment click here.
Virginia 48 in ’48

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