I am continuing to audio record underneath a bridge here in Central Illinois. My goal is to eventually record something chattering underneath this bridge as witnesses have heard. It is an exercise in patience as much as technology. For a background of this location and my first recording please see:

Troll Under The Bridge and a guest blog post Thoughts on “Troll Under The Bridge”

On the 28th of November 2010 my wife accompanied me to the bridge during the daytime to check on my gear. After being gone for about an hour the following sounds were recorded. It appears that there is a soft wood knock, followed by a loud metallic bang, I am guessing on the large steel culvert that empties very close to the bridge. And then there are a series of two sets of four wood knocks.

Was something in that large culvert while I was there earlier, YIKES?

Click here to listen to sound clip of Metal Banging:  Metal Banging 1

Click here to listen to sound clip of Wood Knocks:  Wood Knocks 3

Waveform View

Spectral View