I have always been interested in faces. But, then again most people are. It’s part of our communication. Faces and voices seem to be so personal.

However, whether that face is of your best friend or your young grandchild which would be a blessing,  it could also be of a cop, customs officer or even worse a monster looking in your window.

Doing a simple search on the net will quickly pull up a myriad of  articles about faces and facial recognition and perception.

Three faces and the stories behind them stick in my memory.

1. In 1970 I was working for the U S Forest Service in Western Oregon. As I did not have a car at the moment my dad allowed me to borrow his. I was on my way the 75 miles to our home on Interstate 5. At that time the speed limit was 70 mph and the average traffic was using quite a bit faster. On this one Friday afternoon I got in particularly heavy and fast traffic. The other drivers were pushing 80 and this one pickup came along side of me. I ignored it and sped up. The pickup in turn sped up and came along side me again. Being 22 years of age I felt that I was not a “kid” anymore and I would ignore these young kids. I sped up again and then they sped up again. I glanced down and I was going close to a 100 mph.

I pulled ahead. Again that pickup came along side and I glanced over at the passengers window. What I saw would have given most kids a heart attack. It was my father.   I pulled off the next exit. It turns out that my dad happened to be working in the same area and when they spotted me they wanted to stop me to give my dad a ride and save them 20 miles of extra driving.

I still remember my dad getting into his car, I slid into the driver’s side and we went towards home. I was going about 65 and my dad says “Son, you can take your speed back up a little.” Nothing else was said until Monday morning when my dad pulled me aside and said “You need to hold your speed down, we don’t want you getting hurt.”   Luckily I was 22 and not 15.

To this day I remember my shock of seeing my dad’s face unexpectedly.

2. Last summer I was traveling through Rouleau , a town in southern Saskatchewan. There were construction signs warning of a upcoming slow down which required me to follow a pilot-car. There was a break in the traffic and it turned out I was cut off from the group ahead of me and I would now be the first car in a new group.  I stopped and the flagmen approached my car. The day was warm and very windy. What I expected to see was a weather beaten middle aged guy with the typical face of a hard worker who had spent too many summers out in the sun.

A hand went up and the handkerchief that was protecting the face of the flagman was pulled down. It was the young pretty face of a college girl. I was pleasantly surprised. She explained that a group of young college students were spending the summer working in construction. It was certainly not what I was expecting to see.

3. The summer of 2008 I spent one night in a campground in Colorado. Although I slept through the night, my recording shows that I had had a night time visitor who jiggled my car door handle and grunted. What was not at first evident was that there was a greasy smudge left on my right rear door window. The image although not of a face was somewhat oblong and about 20 inches in width. Although no one will ever know for sure, it seems that whoever or whatever had jiggled my car door handle had also been peering into the back seat of my car.  I had thrown a blanket over the top of myself and the visitor left undetected.

In hindsight I really would not want to have seen the face that was pressed up against my car window.

In the several hundred interviews I have done with witnesses who have seen a sasquatch most do not see the animals face. It would appear that most of the times sasquatch do not want to be seen, and if they are seen do not us to see their faces.

Do I want to see a sasquatch face? I can’t honestly answer that but most people when they say “What do they look like?” are implying what do their faces look like.