Yesterday when my wife went to the back of the house to turn off the water she noticed this very unusual quartz geode. The quartz measured 4″ X 6″. She then glanced up and noticed a 3″ x 3″ hole punched out of our new siding. I showed the rock to my neighbor this morning, who is a rock hound. He was very interested and said that it was not normal to see quartzite in this area.

We are not sure exactly what time of night when this happened but our dog Belle did bark near our window three nights ago, just one bark, not like when she chases raccoons. Belle spends a lot of time laying and being a watch dog at the top of the stairs which is very close to this damage. So whether it was thrown at her, they don’t usually miss their target, or they hit exactly where they wanted, just to the left of our open bedroom window, and the point closest to where I was sleeping.


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