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The Writings of Keith Foster, Pt 1

//The Writings of Keith Foster, Pt 1

The Writings of Keith Foster, Pt 1


Date: 27-Aug-05

Bigfoot is all funny and laughable until you step into the track of one of them.

I ask you to read the full evaluations of tracks made my Docters Krantz, Meldrum, and Farenbach at the University of Washington, Idaho and the North America Primate Reseach Center (a medical research center) before deciding that sasquatch is all myth. I ask you to read evalutations by law enforcement officer Jimmy Chilcutt, one of America’s premier authorities on primate dermal ridges, before deciding. It is easy to dismiss sasquatch as nothing but lore if you have not seen their track yourself. People who sit at city desks and type on city computers and think all native Americans are completely stupid should be thrown into a cage of hungry sasquatch.

I too have trouble believing that American sasquatch are real, but I have seen their tracks in person. Once accidently and a couple of times after they were found by someone else and I was called to investigate. I, several biologists and a handful of law officers in Colorado have no trouble believing that the tracks of sasquatch are real here from time to time after critical evaluation. It is the creature itself that we have trouble swallowing.

Not all sasquatch sightings are real, and I seriously doubt sightings where no tracks are left at the scene that fit known criterea. But that does not mean that all sasquatch sightings are false. It is easy to sit in a city office and say sasquatch is all bunk and hoax. It is less easy to deny sasquatch after spending a week in a sleeping bag under the stars in Canyon Diablo. If you want to meet a sasquatch, I can drop you off in a helicopter there if your legs or heart are too frail to hike there yourself, and pick you up a month later to ask you about sasquatch. Surely after a month in the wilderness a sasquatch will have wandered by to check you out in the Canyon. You will not find sasquatch in the city or on paper. You have walk a thousand miles with a bow in hand in sasquatch country to meet one, just like the natives that once bowhunted this land for a living once did. Jeez.

Just beecause you have never seen a lynx or wolverine doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I spent 300 days in tents in the South San Juan Wilderness of Colorado before finding a whole line of 17 inch long sasquatch tracks, only once. How may nights have you slept and hiked there? Don’t tell me from some city office what exists in that there wilderness.

Be skeptical, be critical of sign, but put that sign through critical scientific analysis and then decide what you think about it. Discounting sasquatch because you think all historical native Americans were stupid or because you think that it is an impossibility is a mistake. Sasquatch still leaves tracks, in Colorado at least. I too am skeptical and don’t trust sightings where tracks are not found, so I am with the skeptics in that regard. But skepticism based on preconception of what you believe to be true is not science, it is citified bull pucky. I think you guys need to leave your city jobs and get into the western wilderness more. I spent 4th of July weekend at a timberline lake and fished for trout measured in pounds instead of inches and never saw another human the whole time. Where did you spend that weekend? If you think every trail is paved in North America, you are going to the wrong places. It takes a day or two of hiking with a heavy pack to get to the real North America. Yes it still exists if you are willing to use a topo map and go to the places where a simple short mile on the map ends up to be a full days hike and you can not find the marked trails. That is where sasquatch still leaves tracks for you to find.

Instead of retiring to rot in an old folks home when I am too old to pull back my flatbow, I am going on a walkabout in some remote area of B.C. to answer some quetions I still have about sasquatch. It is fitting however that skeptical citified bowhunters rot in an old folks home when elderly and never experience such excitement as the old pine apes and their natural habits. You probably don’t believe in God either, even though you can see his fingerprints on every natural thing around you. It’s really easy to reject what you have never seen with your own eyes, or what you don’t want to see. Easier for sure than carrying a 70 pound backpack uphill all day. Better visit those wilderness areas while you are young, because once you age the trails get longer and longer. Sasquatch usually spends it’s time at the end of a very long trail. They hate human company.

Date: 29-Aug-05

The Shroud of Turin is of 15th century material, so was about 1400 years too late to be a covering for Christ. Sandwiches, potato chips and wall stains that look like the vigin Mary are even more ridiculous.

I see God our creator in the smallest form of life that we have ever identified. The simplest bacteria is very far from simple. Put together millions of amino acids in perfect combination and give it a little motor to drive itself around and then say that such a perfect combination came about by accident. A jet airliner with all onboard computers and jet engines is less complicated than a bacteria. So I guess that those who reject an initial creator are telling me that a jet airliner can somehow form itself in the mud, all fueled up and ready to fly. Give me a break. Mathmatically the odds are too great. I like math, as it never changes. Science forever changes. I think evolution is a design, not an accident. You all can believe what you want, but I really think you need to research the very simplest lifeform ever discovered now or in fossil record to decide that no Creator ever existed and all things living are an accident hundreds of millions of years ago. That may be a much more important enigma than sasquatch.

I have to say this here, because I do believe that Christ was a figure that can not be ignorred. If you base faith on something like the Shroud of Turin or a stain on a wall, you are headed for trouble. Here is my personal take on creation, Christ and life. I believe that when God said in the Bible that a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day, that He was saying that to Him that time is unimportant. I believe that the Earth may very well be billions of year old and that life hundreds of millions of years old. I believe that God introduced needed life forms only after established life forms that could support them were here on Earth over those millions of years. I believe that the story of Genesis pretty much shows the order of introduction over those millions of years. I believe that many forms of what we might consider man evolved toward that form we now consider homo sapians. I also believe that up until 6000 years ago that those manforms were without something essential that made “man in the image of God”. They had no eternal spirit. I believe that God introduced “eternal spirit” with a man called Adam and made that man more than body and mind (soul). I believe that God made Adam and all of his descendants like Him, having not two parts, but rather having three parts, body (physical body), soul (your thinking mind), and spirit (an eternal existance that carries your soul with it to the eternal life). I believe that Adam sinned and that God had already said that the wages of sin were death. To overcome that sin and death, I believe that God made a way back to life through a new contract with man through Christ. Not the Christ portrayed in the Shroud of Turin, but a real salvation whereby a perfect man (Christ) lives sinless, but took upon Himself the wages of sin (death on a cross). I can not anymore prove that my belief in such a savior as Christ is true than I can prove that the tracks I have found were really sasquatch tracks. You decide for yourself if such things as the shroud or stains will make you reject God.

My belief in God and history are my own and probably not complete or set in stone, but I think the fossil record shows some amazing jumps and the earliest life forms are of fantastic “design”.

UFO’s are easy. Anything flying that you can not identify is a UFO. I’ve seen birds flying that I could not identify. Maybe they will poop and deposit a dropping that looks like John Lennon and somebody will worship it and make John Lennon a saint someday.

Date: 31-Aug-05

Sorry if I got off subject in response to such things as the shroud of Turin. I really don’t know for sure if sasquatch is real, but such things are unimportant compared to ones relationship or understanding of God and how God relates to them. Christ said to pray for the truth and that is what we all should do. I still have lots of questions too.

For what its worth, has scientific papers published on that website from quite a number of acadimics in regards to sasquatch. Dr. Jeff Meldrums (Idaho State University) interpretation of tracks is close to my own interpretation and so I support it at this time. Since I have seen the tracks myself in person, I can come to at least some interpretive evaluation. I think they are real and from a real physical being of substantial form. Rare, but real. I think it is a species that must have been more adapted to the pliestocene era than now. Sasquatch may be going extinct, like the mammoth and mastodon, but I think a few still must exist if the tracks are any indication.

I also am pretty sure that some of the pro hunting guides and wildlife biologist that I have interviewed with personal sightings in Colorado and Wyoming are pretty reliable. You guys will have to do your own research and decide for yourself. Until I see a sasquatch with my own eyes, I will have to say that the tracks are very real, but will have trouble believing that sasquatch itself is real. Maybe all the native American peoples were right and a very large hairy primate lives in North American. Rare but real. ?????

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