On the 12th of July 2008 I recorded a very unusual sound here in Southern Illinois. Since that time I have played this sound to hundreds of people, asking them what it sounds like. Eventually one person said it, “It sounds like someone trying to start a weed-eater”.  That initial report can be found here “The Weed Eater”.

Later that summer I made several visits to the same general location, however not on the witnesses property. We did have to explain to the local authorities why we were sitting out in the woods in the dark at midnight.

The only unusual sound recorded was the following. You can listen to it both as original and how it sounds filtered to try and eliminate some of the katydids and crickets. This sound was coming from about 150 feet of us, deep in the woods, and not towards any highways. Once again I come up with the same conclusion, “It sounds like a weed-eater, only this time it is already started.” The following was recorded on the 25th of August 2008.

Click here to listen to sound clip: Weed Eater 2

Waveform View

Spectral View