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The Stick Breakers

//The Stick Breakers

The Stick Breakers

The following is a letter that I recently received.  This account is very compelling and shows how many witnesses feel about a situation that they have been thrust into. The writer welcomes any comments and suggestions and they will be posted with this letter.  -  Thanks,  Stan Courtney

The Stick Breakers

Dear Mr. Courtney,

Below is a testimony of something that happened to me personally and at the end of the testimony are some questions for you, if you wouldn’t mind helping me out a bit.

In the spring of 2003 I was visiting my sister who lives in Hampstead, New Hampshire. She lives in a somewhat wooded subdivision. It was early spring in New England and the weather had been a fairly rainy. I would frequently go outside by myself to smoke cigarettes late at night, on the porch after midnight. While I was outside I would hear larger sticks crack and break on the forest floor near where I was sitting but no leaves rustling. At first I didn’t think much of it. I am a seasoned camper and just didn’t think it was a big deal, I figured it was just an animal of some kind. This happened night after night. Then I noticed the sounds of something dropping out of the trees and an animal or being of some kind scraping on the bark a bit as it descended. I tried looking for movement but saw nothing, like an animal or anything. The flood lights were on every time I was out there and were brightly shining, there was a street light at the end of the long paved driveway off in the distance. On subsequent nights to took a flashlight and tried to shine whatever animal it might be with a but that was to no avail. Even though everything was brightly lit I saw nothing at all.

I tried this night after night. The sounds were there every single evening without fail. I could hear them moving closer and closer to me the longer I was out there. During the day I looked for tracks and marks on trees or other evidence but didn’t turn up a thing. I picked up sticks and broke a few to see what size stick I was hearing. I ascertained that the stick diameter was about an inch. I had my 11 yr old nephew go out in the woods to jump on sticks and see if he could break some of them, so I could check the way it sounds from where I was sitting. Trying to judge the distance. He jumped on some but because they were kind of moist he could only break the smaller ones. He weighed only about 75 to 80 pounds. This told me that whatever it is, weighs more than that. I could break the bigger ones by jumping on them, but I weigh 150 pounds. There are no animals in that area that are really large and could break that size stick based on the tests I did. Whatever it was would move in close to me, so I used the nephew to run around and make similar noises to Gage the distance in the daylight when they were at their closest. They were about 20-30 feet from me at best. I know there was more than one of them because I could hear one back beside the house and another one was in the front at the end of the driveway. They moved in very close to where I was and I could hear them coming from two different directions. They were not visible with the naked eye at all. I tried to take some digital photos but saw nothing discernible in the pictures.

Another thing that happened, my sister didn’t have any window coverings downstairs, she loved the view of the trees, and I would sit at night on her computer surfing the web and chatting on line near those windows. I frequently would get the feeling that someone was watching me. I wrote it off as just my imagination. Then there was the issue of the dogs barking and howling every night real late like they were hearing something. They were kept in crates in the basement at night. They would start their howling and wouldn’t stop unless someone would go down there and make them stop. They also would look out the windows late in the evening and start barking out behind the house as tough something was there. We all thought it was just another animal or whatever, and wrote it off. My brother in law decided to keep the dogs upstairs with him at night to keep them quiet.

I was outside one night very late after midnight alone. I was up on her porch near the door. I heard them coming again. The flood lights were on and I could see well into the trees because there weren’t too many smaller bushes in the way. I saw nothing but still heard them. No rustling only sticks breaking. My sis had a few planters with flowers in them on a lower landing from where I was standing. It was in the really bright light from the flood lights and was only about 8 to 10 feet from me. Some of the flowers in the planter draped over the side and hung out away from the planters. As I stood there I watched the plants move to one side and then flop back as though something had brushed past them, only nothing was there that I could see at all. There were no other sounds, like footsteps or grinding pebbles or grit. No wind at all. When the flowers swung, and they moved a lot not just a little. Whatever it was had to come up the stairs to get to me. I stood there shocked, sort of and running over what I had just seen in my mind briefly, and got freaked out completely, went inside quickly and locked the door. Everyone else was asleep in the house. I looked out the side window and saw nothing.

What are these things? Aliens? Bigfoot? Dimensional entities? Were they just watching us? Were they abducting? Testing? Or even hunting? I have no idea and it’s frightening! If you think about it you realize that on the grass there are no sticks to break, so they are quiet or silent, and there they were right up next to the house! How many other houses did they go into too?!

Then the story goes a bit further… sister later divorced and started dating again. Her new boyfriend and I were talking on the phone one evening recently, and the subject turned to the paranormal. I knew he is an avid New Hampshire hunter. So, I asked him if he had ever heard of anything like this. He said yes!!! He said that once, in November of 2003, he and five of his friends were out hunting on White Mountain one year and all of them were of course armed. They had set up camp for the night and made a fire. As they all were sitting around (after midnight) getting settled for the evening they started hearing “the stick breakers”, breaking sticks all around them but no rustling leaves at all. The didn’t see anything at all, and couldn’t figure out what it was. They did try to shine their flashlights and see what it was but they couldn’t see anything at all. All five got spooked and decided to turn in for the night and when morning came they decided to move their camp farther up the mountain closer to where they knew a larger group was set up. They all decided to not talk about the event after that day and they decided to never go back again either!!! I was so glad to hear that someone else had experienced the “stick breakers”! Now at least I know I am not nuts.

I know there are others out there who have had similar experiences, so, please step up and let’s hear your story! I would love to collect any stories that anyone might have about this phenomena. Please let me know if you have heard of this before.

I feel that this needs to be brought to the public’s attention and put on record or tracked in some way.

I would like someone to go there and use thermal photography, or IR to see if these things can be seen somehow, filmed or photographed or recorded. I have no funds to buy the equipment necessary to do it myself, though I’d love to! I need to find some one who might be willing to go there and shoot some film in that area. Bring their equipment and check it out. If you have any input please feel free to contact me.

Thanks, (name withheld)

P.S. I certify that this story is real and truly told to the best of my ability!

From Stan –

1 – Without actually seeing your “unknown visitor” it is impossible to say absolutely what you are dealing with.

2 – With that being said, your descriptions are not something new but have been reported many times by other witnesses. There are many bigfoot / sasquatch reports that taken collectively appear
to be very similar to what you have experienced.

3 – As to not being able to see them – sasquatch are “masters of their domain” in that they can move around in the darkness, taking advantage of the dark and the trees and brush to stay hidden.
I don’t believe there is anything “paranormal” about their behavior. Most mammals are nocturnal and are very good at staying hidden.

4 – If what you are dealing with is sasquatch, they can be very curious of humans. Sasquatch feel much more comfortable sneaking up and watching women and children then men. Perhaps because of a size thing, obviously most women and children being smaller than adult men, are not viewed as a threat.  Plus women are usually not aggressive, carrying rifles and hunting like lots of guys do. Not to say that women don’t hunt, because lots of women do hunt.  Because of this idea of women not being aggressive is one reason lots of male bigfoot researchers welcome women to research with them in the field. Sasquatch are much more likely to be interested in human activity when it involves women and children.

5 – As to the stick breaking. It may be accidental as the animals approach the house or it can be on on purpose. Sasquatch do make noises, including branch breaking to “check us out” and to get our
reaction. They may be just seeing how you behave when you hear something strange.

6 – I believe, as do a number of researchers that to the sasquatch we are their “Saturday Night Entertainment”. Instead of going to the movies they come into our backyards, cemeteries, gravel pits, lover lanes and campgrounds. They watch us and observe our behavior. They mess with us, throw rocks, break sticks, bang on the sides of houses, and make noise.  It is not normal behavior for a sasquatch to enter a home that is being lived in. There are accounts of them entering abandoned cabins.

7 – Most attempts at photography fail. Sasquatch typically are very apprehensive of any new device hanging from a tree in their territory. Not to say it is without merit but many times when cameras are put up the sasquatch activity ceases.

8 – What you are feeling emotionally is normal. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have had experiences very similar to your own. Most people do not talk about it to others, or just close friends. No one wants to be ridiculed.

This blog welcomes other comments.

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  1. Suzie April 2, 2010 at 8:51 am


    I'd like to add that since this was early spring, the underbrush was not very thick at all. You could easily see 35-50 feet into the tree line. I kept my eyes trained into the well lit area and saw no movement at all. Most any animal would have rustled leaves, especially since the floor of the woods was completely covered with a thick layer of dead dry leaves. I had heard animals in the woods before and they did rustle leaves and could be heard easily. The neighborhood is away from highways and noise, making it easy to hear the smallest sound.

    The thing that freaked me out the most was the flower near me moving as though being brushed aside but nothing was there visably. Yet whatever this was had to be standing right in fromt of me in very bright lighting, but I saw nothing.

    I am a very spiritually aware person, and I know that this was not a ghost or spirit at all. This was something in our own dimension and was physical, yet invisible.

    I was told by some others that I have discussed this with that it is possible that "they" were testing me, to see what I would do when I saw the plant move. I am surprised I didn't freak and run, I finshed my last few puffs of my cigarette as my mind tried to figure out what to do. I felt I needed to get out of that area and into the house immediately and took off fast, and stayed terified the rest of the night. I went to bed after sunrise.

  2. A.J. Ciani May 23, 2010 at 11:43 am

    Well, things being moved by an invisible force seems more up the alley of paranormal investigators. This activity would normally be associated with a poltergeist; a metaphysical entity which manifests itself as an invisible, yet physical thing. Poltergeists are rare, and rarest of all are the ones which are persistent in a geographical area, with no ties to any one person.

    This came from New Hampshire, and if it is highly reproducible, then I would suggest contacting TAPS to let them know that you have frequent visitation by a poltergeist. Poltergeists are one of the rarer hauntings, and any paranormal investigator worth their salt would jump at the chance, especially if the behavior is persistent.

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