As I have mentioned in earlier posts when ever I leave recording gear unattended in the woods it always gets inspected by forest creatures. And usually those animals are small, such as raccoons, possums or mice. Once in awhile the inspector might be a White-tailed Deer such as happened on the 4th of May 2011. And sometimes I am left to just wonder what or who the visitor was. This happened on the 30th of March, 2011.

Recently I have been recording full-time at an area close to my home that I refer to as the Groves. It was originally pasture land but now the trees and brush are gradually taking it back over. There are quite a few cows and one bull in this pasture. It is close to a country home where the resident no longer lives but comes out and feeds and waters his 10 dogs a couple of times a week.

Belle and a nameless Black Angus bull sizing each other up in New Mexico in 2005.

My interest lies in the fact that the dogs go wild barking at certain times. I am suspicious that something is coming in from the woods, irritating the dogs and then leaving. My goal is to record these other animals. I have recorded what sounds like yells, whistles and last October I recorded what appears to be whispering.

On the 17th of this month I recorded a 45 minute segment of something that was very close to my recorder and microphones. All the sounds and movement appears to be of a cow. But it is still interesting to have the recording to compare against other unseen animals.

This log is about 20 feet log and 3 feet high. I placed my recorder on the other side in between the two adjoining logs assuming the cows could not get into that area.

The short version of the sounds can be listened to here:  Short Version

And the longer (45 minute full segment) can be listened to here: Full Version