Many bigfoot researchers are leery of giving interviews to the press. The main emphasis should be about the undocumented upright walking North American primate not about the researchers.

Search For Bigfoot – A Documentary

My eldest son is a pastor of a church in Columbia, Missouri. He contacted my wife early in February about allowing a couple of University of Missouri students to spend the night. They were traveling to Bowling Green, Ohio for a church conference and we were conveniently located halfway between Ohio and Missouri. As an aside, he also mentioned that Peggy was interested in interviewing me about my bigfoot research for a class project. I reluctantly agreed, not thinking much about it.

I was a little surprised when they arrived and she set up a video-camera. She did an impromptu interview as I showed her some of my footcasts and recording equipment. I took them out sound-blasting later in the evening and did hear and record some distant howls.

Two months later my son again contacted me and asked if I would allow her to tag along in my research area to see what I do when I am looking for bigfoot evidence. I again agreed and met Peggy, a school friend of Peggy’s, and my son and his wife at the park.

We spent about an hour and a half walking through some areas where I have found footprints and recorded several vocalizations. I did ask if I could have a copy of the DVD when she finished. She said of course.

Saturday I received my copy of the DVD. I was a little taken aback and disappointed that the focus of the short documentary was on the sincerity and saneness of me as a researcher and not on the true subject which is bigfoot / sasquatch.