It is seldom that a researcher records sounds that are worthy of sharing with the public or a picture of something that is definitely sasquatch related.

Such is the case with this blogpost. I am not saying what I experienced in the night or the picture of my window is of any importance but I thought I would share it with everyone just the same.

On the 22nd of June 2009 I spent the night in a campground in the Lewis & Clark National Forest of Central Montana. This is the same campground that my brother had an experience in 2004, I recorded bipedal footsteps in 2005 and last year I had an unusual experience.

After arriving at the campground I struck up a conversation with several Forest Service employees. I explained I was doing research in the area. I was interested in seeing their reaction and perhaps get some new information. All three were polite and the young graduate student was especially interested. I invited him to accompany me while I did some sound blasting. We did two vocal calls of my own voice  & two of Illinois Howl. There was a cow elk about 100 yards from us in a small meadow and I wanted to see her reaction. The elk reacted with a series of vocalizations and walked & ran back up to the ridge. She did not run away from us, in fact her position was closer to us after broadcasting.

Click here for recording of:   The Botanist & The Elk

At about 4:40 a.m. I woke up. The sky was just starting to become light and the birds were singing. I was going to leave, as I had a long ways to travel that day, but decided to wait until dawn as I did not want to miss any activity. While I was laying there something very large struck the hitch on the front of my car. It was as if something grabbed ahold of the hitch and bounced on it. I was glad that I was awake. I was not able to see anything as it was not light enough.

I was sure my recorder would have picked up the hitch sound but upon review the noise from the creek was so loud that sadly the complete night’s recording was mostly covered over.  When I went to bed I checked all the car windows to make sure they did not have any marks or smudges. This picture is what I found in the morning.  Nothing definitive but I still found it interesting.