Last year I posted about a strange sound that I had recorded using a remote recorder. That post can be found here:

That Weird Sound, Pt. 1

Someone mentioned that the sound clip could be possibly related to an earlier sound that I had shared on Facebook.

This earlier sound was recorded on the 19 of September 2009.  The location was also here in Central Illinois in an oak-hickory forest. The one remote access road was several hundred yards from the location. I had hidden the recorder close to a log with the microphone draped over the top.

Sound clip of the 19th of September 2009 –  Weird Sound 2009

Both sounds were recorded using a Samson H-2 recorder and a small remote microphone.  The locations were about a mile apart. The internet is a wonderful resource and I posted it both on naturerecordists, which is a Yahoo Group made up hundreds of folks interested in recording the sounds of nature, and also on Facebook.

I received many responses ranging from cicadas to frogs to tiger salamander.

If anyone has a suggestion please leave a comment.