Meriam Websters Online defines anomaly as being:

3 : something anomalous : something different, abnormal, peculiar, or not easily classified.

There have been several recordings made by different recordists in scattered parts of the county that at first sound like coyotes. But when studying them with sound analysis software differ from coyotes. And several of these recordings also sound quite odd. Not being a professional musician it is hard for me to describe this phenomena, but each howl appears to have a “hitch” in it. There is an abrupt change in the pitch that I have never seen described in coyotes or wolf howls.


The Illinois Howl – 2006

This unusual phrasing (hitch) or anomaly was first noticed in April of 2006 when I recorded the Illinois Howl.  DB Donlon did a sound analysis on the sound file and noticed the anomaly. From his studies, DB Donlon did not believe the sound to be that of a coyote.

For a complete discussion of the Illinois Howl please go here: Illinois Howl

Our goal at that time was to find a similar recording from a different state and recorded by someone other than myself.


The Texas Howl – 2008

In May of 2008 I was sent a sound clip recorded in Texas. Although not exactly similar to the Illinois Howl, nevertheless it did have an unusual tone change or hitch.

It can be listened to here: The Texas Howl


Colorado Howl – 2009

Then in July of 2009 I was approached by Sybilla Irwin who was excited about a new recording she had from Colorado. When I listened to it I was amazed by this unusual, non-typical howl. And also again, like the Illinois Howl and the Texas recording there was that unusual tone change. I made two trips to Colorado and with five other researchers camped out and we all  got to listen to this very strange howl both during the night and daytime hours. So in addition to Sybilla Irwin, Todd Perteet and myself made some very good recordings of the Colorado Howl.

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Lake Howl, Illinois – 2010

Then on the 1st of March 2010 here in Central Illinois I recorded another unusual howl near my new home.  This is approximately sixty miles from my previous residence where I recorded the Illinois Howl.  The sound has a strange up and down wavering quality to it. As you listen to the sound file notice that at the 24 sec. mark there is what appears to be some type of mumbling or grumbling quickly followed by a coyote chorus and my dog, Belle, barking. I was told by four different researchers that I really needed to pay attention to that grumbling and that it was not typical of coyotes and perhaps was some other animal.

The Lake Howl can be listened to here: Lake Howl


If anyone knows of any other recordings that demonstrate this strange “hitch” anomaly please contact either DB Donlon or myself.