It has been a year since I first posted SquatchMarks. There are many new researchers entering the ranks of bigfoot/sasquatch research every day so I am reposting this in hopes that SquatchMarks. can be of some help.  I am constantly updating, making corrections and hopefully improving the general layout. I wish to thank all the wonderful people who continue to email me additions and corrections.

SquatchMarks attempts  to include links to all websites, blogs, chatrooms, forums, internet radio, podcasts, Myspace and YouTube.

If you find a broken link, or know of a new website that you would like included please email me at or leave a comment at the end of this post.

From last years entry –

I have been on the internet for over 12 years now. During that time I have always struggled with a decent start page or set of bookmarks.

It is a very difficult undertaking to keep a current set of bookmarks. Every month there are many new websites that come on line as well as those that become broken links. I want to include all the websites, forums, podcasts, blogs and related sites.

This is my attempt to have a bigfoot & cryotozoology bookmark / start page.


It is called squatchmarks (combination of sasquatch and bookmarks). If you want to use it either bookmark it into your bookmark section, set it as your home page or save it on your computer and simple click on it when desired.

I am constantly deleting outdated links and adding new ones but it is a never ending job. I am always open to suggestions, if you find a page that you think needs to be added or a broken link just send me a note at or leave a comment at the end of this post.