Location – Siloam Springs State Park is located approximately 25 miles east of Quincy, Illinois in Adams and Brown Counties.


Siloam Springs Lake 


Gorgeous colors of autumn 


Ferns spread across several banks near the springs. 


Bushes showing off their fall fruit. 

My wife and I (and our two dogs) camped for two nights in this lovely Illinois State Park the 27-29 of October, 2006. The fall colors were still going strong but many of leaves have already fallen. We hiked several different trails which wander through the woods down to the original mineral springs.


We found this interesting scratching post alongside the trail where some animal had been sharpening its claws up to about four feet on a tree. 


There are several stands of pine trees and Whispering Pines area lived up to it’s name.


A few White-breasted Nuthatchs were calling back and forth through the pines and this one paused momentarily.

Bigfoot Perspectives – We only scratched the surface exploring this 3,323 acre forest with it’s 12 miles of hiking trails and 58 acre lake. The lake is stocked with 8 varietes of game fish.

In two nights of doing all night recordings many choruses of coyotes we heard. 

Coyote group 1
Coyote group 2
Coyote group 3
Coyote group 4 

We also heard a multitude of Barred Owls. 

Barred Owl 1
Barred Owl 2
Barred Owl 3
Barred Owl 4

Barred Owl 5
Barred Owl 6
Barred Owl 7
Barred Owl 8 

Northern Flicker were heard during the daytime.

Early morning we were treated to a chorus of robins, crows, screech owls and white-breasted nuthatches.

 Pine Tree chorus
Previous sightings – there was a daylight sighting just south in Pike County. The witness is now serving in Iraq so I am waiting for his safe return to finish the report. Also in Pike County I
have a vocalization report although the witness had no other evidence.