DB Donlon

One of the main questions plaguing bigfoot researchers is the old perennial, “If bigfoot exists, why haven’t we caught one?” This is a serious question and it deserves serious consideration. Until recently, there weren’t many answers, either. At least, not available to the public. But privately researchers have been sharing information gathered over the years that suggest bigfoot has some abilities beyond what we might have expected.

Unpublished reports that I’ve been privy to suggest that bigfoot can keep up with a car moving at a high rate of speed. These reports are unpublished because, as anecdotal evidence, they don’t count for much by themselves. People can make mistakes, after all — perhaps they weren’t going as fast as they thought, or maybe they didn’t see what they thought they saw. Anytime a report like that challenges conventional wisdom, the prudent thing to do is to wait until you get a verified report that supports it.

I think maybe that happened this summer with the Pine Ridge Reservation sightings. I’m thinking in particular about the police officer who wrote that he had observed a bigfoot running while he pursued it in his car. To quote him (from a post on the bigfootforums.com,) “I then continued my chase but he was just too quick. I was traveling around sixty miles an hour and he was still ahead of me.”

That seems pretty fast, but I know of at least two other, independent reports that state a bigfoot kept up with a car moving at 55 mph, and I’ve read others which mention lower, but still significant figures. What I’d like for the readers of StanCourtney.Com to do, if they are inclined, is to help us come up with more cases of bigfoot observed moving faster than we thought they could go. How good a case can we build for it? If you have any cases, or know if any in the many books written about bigfoot – anything at all, please let us know, either by leaving a post on the North American Bigfoot Forums, or by emailing me directly at dbdonlon AT gmail DOT com. (You know how to turn that into a real email address, I trust..) or contact Stan Courtney.

Think for a minute about what this tidbit of information could help us explain. Why can’t we catch them? For one thing, they move much faster than we ever thought they could. And how about people who think, when they looked briefly away, that the bigfoot had vanished before they could look back? Maybe there’s nothing extra-normal in that, except that bigfoot is extra fast?

I recall in particular one case that I investigated. A man was doing the rounds at his farm and came up over a slight rise, startling a bigfoot in the road. It jumped over a fence near the road, through a small band of trees, and out into a wide open field. The man was sure he was going to catch sight of it running in the field, but by the time he had gotten down off his jeep and over to the fence, there was nothing to be seen. He was certain it couldn’t have gotten across the field in the time it took him to get to the fence and was forever perplexed about why he didn’t see it. Now maybe we have an answer for him.

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