Recently I spent a week squatchin’ with my wife in Colorado. Nothing squatch related was noted but we did enjoy the trout fishing and beautiful scenery. Ok, so actually it was my wife who caught the two trout.  I did pan fry the 10 inch Rainbow Trout and it was the first time my wife had tasted this Western delicacy.

I am in the process of writing a series on sound blasting equipment so while in Colorado tried out some low volume playback of pre-recorded coyote calls.

The picture above shows the small gulch where the coyote den was located near our campground.

This lone Coyote call immediately garnered a response from some coyotes that had a den 250 yards from our campground.

Click here to listen to this recording : Lone coyote (soundblast) with coyote chorus response.

I thoroughly dislike the word sound blasting as it conjures up the image of playing back sounds at a 120 db level. So if anyone knows of a “kinder and gentler” term please post it here in the comment section.