This Spring I have posted about possible sightings of sasquatch riding on trains:

Railroading Sasquatches and Railroading Saasquatches, Pt. 2.

Until my experience on the 28th of March, 2012 I had never heard of or even considered the possibility of a sasquatch hitching a ride on a railroad.  As soon as my encounter was known I was contacted by a Facebook friend that stated he also had a possible sighting.

This week I was again contacted by a Facebook friend to say that he had a sighting.

From Curt Everson

I lived in eagan, minnesota 2001-2005. It is a suburb of Minneapolis, just south of the Minnesota river, Mississippi river confluence. There is a huge swamp/forrested game preserve along the Minnesota river with one train track running through it that I walked on quite frequently. One day I was walking, and a train was passing, so I got off to the side and watched it pass. Near the end of the train, I saw what I thought was an orangutang(sp?) riding between the last two cars. Weird?? Why would someone let their pet monkey ride un attended, untied there?

This was long before I had an interest in BF, and it didn’t even cross my mind until this story came out. Google earth the area, hwy77 and cr#13 in eagan, mn. If you’re interested.


Google Earth photo showing the railroad tracks mentioned by the witness that run SW – NE through the area of Eagan, Minnesota.