4 May 1997

Hi, I am Karen and I am looking for Courtneys in the Ill.and Indiana area. My grandmothers mother was Courtney (and or married a Courtney).

She was to have came to the U.S. from Nova Scotia with three children and after ariving here married a Mahoney. They lived close to Crawfordsville,In. They were to have had a large farm. The family in Nova Scotia was to have been well off and sent money so Mrs.Courtney,Mahoney could have anything she wanted. We think some of the childrens names were; Fanny, Micheal,Katie, Marcus, Margaret(was called Mellie) Mellcina,and maybe Thermond. Either Fanny or Katie married a Whitecotten,It is belived Fanny and Katie moved away one to Ca. and one to Ariz. It would be wonderful to me if I could find these people( or about them) to tell there nice, Frona Kesterson,she is 100 and she is the one who gave me this information. Her mother was Margaret and the family disowned her mother because they thought she married beneeth her.

The only date I have right now is that Margaret Courtney Mahoney was born in 1864 and I know there was an older sister, so I would quess about 1860 or before. Aunt Frona said her grandfather died before her oldest brother and her grandmother died shortly after her oldest brother was born and that was 10-29-1885. She said they lived into their 60’s. The Courtneys have been the hardest to find out anything from.

Thank You, Karen

Karen Veneskey


Query # 2

5 May 1997

I am so pleased to find someone researching this surname. I am hoping that
you might have a clue for me. For years, many descendants have been told
that Robert Hicks wife was named Mary Courtney. Do you have any clues? We
have never been able to substantiate this.
Thanks, Lea


Lea L Dowd
3077 Edgewood Ct
Columbus, GA

Descendants of Robert Hicks

Generation No. 1

1. ROBERT HICKS was born Abt 1712 in Surry Co., VA (Source: Surry Co.,
VA DB 4, P. 19 & WB 8:963), and died 1781 in Brunswick Co., VA (Source: OB
13 P. 411 & 412 Brunswick Co., VA). He married MARY COURTNEY? 1739 in
Surry Co., VA (Source: Twigs & Branches; Cosby), daughter of ? Courtney

PB 9 P. 156 &157 15 Oct. 1698
Hugh Lee, Jr. 950 acres Charles City Co., Bristol Parish at Notway River
down Jones Hole Branch to the mouth; for trans. of 19 people.

Surry Co., VA 17 April 1742 DB 4 P. 19
Wm. Parker & Rebecca his wife of Surry Co. to Robert Hicks of Surry Co. 5
shillings currency, 69 acres being right of dowry as fell to the said
Rebecca by the decease of her former husband, John Hicks, and is the third
a tract of 209 acres which was devised to said Robert Hicks (the grantee
herein) by the will of John Hicks, deceased.

Surry Co. Deed Book 4 P. 21 25 May 1742
Robert Hicks of Surry Co. and Mary his wife to Wm Moore of same, 5
shillings 209 acres in Surry Co. on N. side of Nottoway River, granted to
Hugh Lee by patent dated 15 Oct 1698 and by him conveyed to Robert Hix of
Charles City Co. by deed 3 June 1699.

Brunswick Co., VA DB 9 P.640-641
This indenture made 19th day of Jan 1770 between Robert Hicks of St.
Andrews Parish, Brunswick Co. and Benjamin Bass of same. For 5 shillings
current money, 262 acres on the north side of the Ready Creek and bounded
as follows; beginning at a Spanish oak on the said creek, to head of Hicks’
Spring branch, to small popular to a white oak on the Maharin branch, to a
pine on Tatum’s line, to a corner red oak, up creek to beginning.
Wit: John Clack, Scarbough Penticost, Drury Lanier.

Deed Book 14, page 169, Brunswick County, Virginia
THE COMMONWEALTH of Virginia To Thomas Stith, John Powell & Thomas
Claiborne gentleman greeting whereas Paul Tatum and Penellipa his wife,
Benjamin Bass and Sarah his wife, James Vaughan & Susanna his wife, James
Bresse (?) and Ann his wife, Lewis Peebles & Jane his wife and Tabitha
Hicks of the County of Brunswick by their certain Indenture of Bargain and
Sale bearing Date the 3d Day of December 1782 have sold and conveyed unto
William Atkinson of the County of Greensville the fee simple Estate of two
hundred and sixty three acres of Land . . . lying and being in the said
County of Brunswick and whereas Jane wife of the said Lewis Peebles cannot
conveniently travel to our said Court . . . to make her acknowledgment of
the said conveyance therefore we do give unto you or any two or more of you
power to receive the acknowledgment which the said Jane shall be willing to
make . . . and we do therefore command you that you do personally go the
said Jane and receive her acknowledgment of the same . . . the 20th Day of
January 1

786. Signed by Drury Stith. By Virtue of this Commission to us directed we
the Subscribers have privily examined Jane the wife of the within mentioned
Lewis Peebles which Indenture she freely & voluntarily acknowledged . . .
given under our hands & Seals this 23d Day of January 1786. Signed by Thos.
Stith and John Powell. Brunswick County Court 23d January 1786. This
Commission was returned and together with the Certificate of the Execution
thereof ordered to be Recorded.

Deed Book 15, page 76, Brunswick County, Virginia
This Indenture made this 3rd Day of May 1791 BETWEEN Benja. Bass & Sarah
his wife James Bruce and Ann his wife James Vaughan and Susannah his wife
Lewis Peebles and Jane his wife and Elliner Tatum of the County of
Brunswick of the one part & William Atkison of the same County of the other
part . . . for & in consideration of the sum of thirty four pounds five
shillings to them in hand paid . . . by these presents do grant bargain
sell alien enfeoff & confirm unto the said William Atkison . . . one
certain tract piece or parcel of land containing one hundred & seven acres
& a half . . . situate lying & being in the County of Brunswick and bounded
as followeth (to wit) BEGINNING at a corner pine on Maclins line thence a
straight new chopt line between Benja. Goodrich and wifes line & said land
to the corner of William Atkinsons fence on said land on a small branch,
thence down the said branch to the Meherrin Branch, thence up the said
Meherrin Branch, to Benja. Bass’s line, thence along Benjamin Bass’s line
to Maclins line thence along Maclins line to the BEGINNING . . . Signed by
Benja. Bass (his mark), Sarah Bass, James Bruce, Ann Bruce, James Vaughan,
Susanna Vaughan, and Elenor Tatum (her mark), and witnessed by Jno. B.
Goldsberry, Buckner Harwell, and James Clack. Brunswick County Court May
the 23rd 1791. This Indenture of Bargain & Sale between Benjamin Bass &
Sarah his wife, James Bruce & Ann his wife, James Vaughan & Susanna his
wife & Elinor Tatum of the one part & William Atkison of the other part was
acknowledged by the said Benjamin Bass & Sarah his wife, James Bruce & Ann
his wife, James Vaughan & Susanna his wife & Ellinor Tatum parties thereto
to be their act & deed & ordered to be recorded, previous to which
acknowledgment the said Sarah, Ann & Susanna being privily examined as the
law directs did voluntarily assent thereto.

Children of Robert Hicks and Mary Courtney? are:
i. NATHAN5 HICKS, b. Abt 1740 (Source: DB 23:118-120 Brunswick Co., VA);
d. Abt Nov 1782, Brunswick Co., VA.
ii. STEPHEN HICKS, b. Abt Jul 1740 (Source: Eldon J. Edgin; Dallas, TX);
m. AGNES HANCOCK, 24 Aug 1758, St. James, Northam Parish, Goochland Co., VA
(Source: Eldon J. Edgin; Dallas, TX).
iii. ELINOR “NALLAPY” HICKS, b. Abt 1742 (Source: DB 23:118-120 Brunswick
Co., VA); d. Aft 1795 (Source: DB 16 P. 190 & 191 Brunswick Co., VA); m.
PAUL TATUM II (Source: Order Bk. 2, P. 231-232; Brunswick Co., VA).
iv. AMY HICKS, b. 07 Mar 1741/42 (Source: Albermarle Parish Register).
v. SARAH HICKS, b. Abt 1743, Brunswick, VA (Source: DB 23:118-120
Brunswick Co., VA); d. Aft 27 Jul 1801, Brunswick Co., VA; m. BENJAMIN
BASS, SR., Abt 1766, Brunswick Co., VA (Source: Brunswick DB 9 PP 640 &
641; Order Bk. 2, P. 231-232).
vi. NATHANIEL HICKS, b. 06 Nov 1743 (Source: Albermarle Parish Register).
vii. TABITHA HICKS, b. Abt 1746 (Source: OB 2, P. 231-232, DB 23:118-120
Brunswick Co., VA); m. BENJAMIN GOODRICH, 25 May 1789, Brunswick Co., VA
(Source: MB Brunswick Co., VADB 14:485 Brunswick Co., VA).
viii. SUSANNAH HICKS, b. Abt 1748 (Source: DB 23:118-120 Brunswick Co.,
VA); d. Bef 03 Jan 1807 (Source: Brunswick Co., VA WB 9 P. 378 & 379); m.
JAMES VAUGHAN, SR. (Source: Brunswick Co., VA WB 7 P. 464 &465).
ix. MARY HICKS, b. Abt 1750 (Source: OB 2, P. 231-232 & DB 23-118-120
Brunswick Co., VA); m. WILLIAM ATKERSON, JR., 28 Aug 1782, Brunswick Co.,
VA (Source: MB & MR Brunswick Co., VA).
x. ANN HICKS, b. Abt 1752 (Source: DB 23:118-120 Brunswick Co., VA); d.
Abt Aug 1823, Brunswick Co., VA (Source: WB 9 P. 345, OB 30 P. 157, 187,
220, 265 Brunswick Co.); m. JAMES BRUCE (Source: OB 2, P. 231-232,
Brunswick Co., VA).
xi. JEAN HICKS, b. Abt 1754 (Source: DB 23:118-120 Brunswick Co., VA); m.
LEWIS PEEBLES, 25 Jun 1779, Brunswick Co., VA (Source: MR Brunswick Co.,VA).