The reader response to posting of the first 7 polls has been overwhelming. Polls are a great way to “feel” the pulse of the bigfoot community.  I have several new blog posts on what I am seeing in people’s responses.  If you have not voted in all of the first 7 polls please take a few moments and vote. Just click on each one of the links below.   Thanks, Stan

Poll # 1 – How far do you live from sasquatches?

Poll # 2 – How many sasquatches inhabit the United States and Canada?

Poll # 3 – What category do you think best describes Bigfoot?

Poll # 4 – How much time do you spend in the field squatchin?

Poll # 5 – What percentage of people who have had a sighting actually report it?

Poll # 6 – What is your preferred name for the North American giant biped?

Poll # 7 – What percentage of squatches are ever seen by a human?