I have a location close to my home that I have a suspicion about. Seems that something is coming in close to one of the farmer’s homes, makes strange noises and gets the dogs to barking. So I set up my parabolic microphone and recorder in the woods close to the farm in the hopes of getting a recording of the unknown intruder.

Because of the threat of rain I placed a trash bag over the top of the parabolic which is attached to a tripod. My recorder is inside a water proof backpack. To be extra sure I also placed it into a trash bag. I was in hopes that the parabolic would still function if not in the best of conditions.

Several trash bags covering my parabolic microphone and audio recorder.

I was surprised to record the following segment. Knowing that there is no video we can only surmise what the sequence of events is by the audio alone. It appears that a White-tailed Deer is alarmed by this strange contraption that is in his territory. He stomps around and then gives out a series of buck snorts.

To listen to the sound file click here:  White-tailed Deer