I recorded these coyotes in the North Park area of Colorado on the 8th of July 2011. The time was 0932 a.m. which seems a little unusual for coyotes to be howling. At first listen it is typical sounding and may all just be coyotes, however at 25 seconds and after the first four howls are two distant howls that sound very similar to the Illinois Howl. Actually a third howl is truncated by the coyotes response. Following the distant initial two or three howls the coyotes again give out four howls somewhat higher in pitch.

The coyotes howling unseen from the trees in the middle of the picture. I was unable to determine the exact direction of the distant howls.

Click here to listen to the complete sequence: North Park Howl 1

Click here to listen to just the 2 (or 3) distant howls: North Park Howl short clip

Click here to listen to the Illinois Howl that resembles these distant howls: Illinois Howl

Waveform of the 4 coyote howls – 3 distant howls – 4 coyote howls.

The non-typical 3 howls started at the 25 second mark. You can see from this waveform how much softer they were (apparently because they were further in the distance).