I have always held the belief that serious bigfoot researchers should become acquainted with the animals and birds in their research areas. There have been reports of sasquatch imitating other animals and even people. To that end researchers that know the typical sounds made by the local fauna are ahead of the game when it comes to trying to decipher what is a naturally occurring animal sound and what is possibly a sasquatch.

With this in mind to do any definitive study of sounds the vocalization must be recorded of sufficient volume and quality. Then it must analyzed in a sound editor.

My attempt with the Night Sounds Series is to present a large number of recordings of the more common animal and bird sounds heard during the nighttime.

If you record a sound that you think may not be typical of that species please contact me.

Night Sounds, Pt 1 – Barred Owls

Night Sounds, Pt 2 – Bobcat

Night Sounds, Pt 3 – Cattle

Night Sounds, Pt 4 – Cougar

Night Sounds, Pt 5 – Coyotes

Night Sounds, Pt 6 – Raccoons

Night Sounds, Pt 7 – Red Foxes

Night Sounds, Pt 8 – White-Tailed Deer

Night Sounds, Pt 9 – Wolves

Night Sounds, Pt 10 – Human