In 2007 I visited with my research partner while he was in a hospital in St.Louis, Missouri. I had been hosting a blog for him in which he shared his thoughts on the subject of bigfoot. He made of list of beliefs on the subject and I listened. The next week he passed away and I will always cherish those times when we shared ideas on something  we were both passionate about.

He talked and I listened as he spelled out each of his 20 items of beliefs on the subject. So many times when I discuss research I realize that rarely do we realize what the other person is thinking or thinks we are saying.

Belief # 1 – Sasquatch are not rare but only rarely seen and even more rarely reported.

Poll # 1

BFRO numbers

Belief # 2. They are not only a wilderness animal but are often found close into urban areas.

2009 sighting in Lakeview,  13 miles from the St. Louis Arch

2010 sighting in Brookfield, 15 miles from Sear Tower in Chicago

Belief # 3. They are flesh and blood, they don’t disappear, don’t live underground or fly UFO’s, go through portals, or shapeshift.
Belief # 4. It is not my goal to see them “discovered” or to have a body for science.