Terms commonly used to reference bigfoot / sasquatch in Illinois have been abominable snowmenapebigfootcreature,  critterhairy gorilla-type, hairy humanhairy  monsterkiller bearred creatureroaming madmansasquatchwhat is itwhat’s it, and wildman. Historically however, like it or not, most news sources references use the term monster.

Usually the monster name is associated with a specific town, creek or road name. I will post a series of articles that include links back to the source material for that particular “monster”.

Bachelors Grove Monster

Bull Valley Monster

Cohomo (Cole Hollow Monster)

Dutch Henry Monster

Du Pont Monster

Enfield (Wabash Monster)

Farmer City (Salt Creek) Monster

Kickapoo Monster

Murphysboro Big Muddy Monster

Piasa Monster (Piasa Bird)

Sangamon River Bottoms Monster

Tuttle Bottoms Monster

Weed Monster