By Eddie Middleton

Memphis UFO Examiner

My correspondent who lives very near Hartford, Illinois and who used to play around the old Hartford Castle grounds when he was a kid went down there yesterday and took a photograph of the blackberry thicket where the Bigfoot mentioned in the last article disappeared into. This will be posted in a few days along with a pair of red eyes glaring out from behind a growth of blackberries [not the real BF folks! Just some graphics enhancement].

The woman who works at the guard gate at the large warehouse across from the field where she spotted the Bigfoot about three weeks ago has updated me on other recent BF acitvity around the warehouse. She says that over the last month she and other co-workers have during the late night hours caught whiffs of an awful odor like that of rotted meat on three or four occasions. This extremely disgusting smell sometimes is wafted directly towards them from the field across the road from the guard gate. At other times it seems to be coming from some where on the property of the warehouse itself. This may be a deliberate attack by these creatures on the human olfactory sensibility. Anyone familiar with Bigfoot encounter stories knows that this creature has often given evidence of a strong resentment of what it perceives as an unwarranted encroachment of man into its territory.

Another example of this kind of Bigfoot protest of man’s presence is furnished by something else the lady security guard told me last week. She said she has been hearing loud, metallic clanking sounds at different times throughout the night coming from the field across from her guard gate. This is caused by someone banging on the large earth-moving machines and bulldoziers parked out in that area. Apparently these powerfully strong creatures are using logs or large tree limbs to batter the sides of these machines. This would be a way to register a loud complaint against these manmade monsters that are a clear threat to their harmonious habitat. This horrible racket might also be intended to firghten the humans off. One of the securtiy guards at the warehouse was scared off. The next morning after the night before when one of these Bigfoots had stood confrontationally facing him on the other side of the road from the guard-gate and scolded him with a series of nerve rending howls, he quit his job. As the news announcer on “Saturday Night Live” used to say, “I’m out of here”!