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Media Article – Cook County, Illinois – # 1

/Media Article – Cook County, Illinois – # 1
Media Article – Cook County, Illinois – # 1 2009-12-19T18:53:15+00:00

Saturday, December 10, 1977

Spokesman Review

What Readers Say

Sasquatch is real to some and myth to others

The Spokesman-Review last Sunday invited readers to respond to the following question:

Do you believe in the existence of Sasquatch? Is Bigfoot a reality? On what do you base your opinion?

Following is a representative sampling of letters received:

Seen in Illinois

In response to the question in the paper, I do believe in the existence of Sasquatch. He us a reality. I base my opinion on the fact that I have seen him.

My husband’s and my encounter with him was about 15 years ago in a picnic area in the woods in Tinley Park, Illinois. It was night and quite clear out. We had heard some noise that sounded like an animal moving around in the trees, which we paid little attention to at first. Then the sounds became louder and suddenly there was a loud cracking sound. As we turned around, about 15 feet away was a large tree with a rather large limb broken from it. Standing near the broken limb was a huge dark figure.

The moonlight was quite bright and he stood at least seven feet tall or better. He was shaped like a huge ape, but his eyes were slanted and glowed with a greenish color. We watched for a few minutes not knowing exactly what we were seeing. Then the creature moved slowly towards us and sat down in the manner that an ape does, with arms hanging down. With that we got in the car and left, as we did not know what to expect from this creature.

But we did report the sighting as it was unbelievable. Not too long after our sighting many more people reported it, which brought in many scientists to look for Bigfoot. There have been too many sightings across the nation to say that Bigfoot does not exist. Many a fisherman and hunter have seen him but say nothing because of people calling them crazy. There will be more and more sightings as long as man pushes deeper and deeper into the forests and starts to crowd the creature out.

Whether we will ever capture him is another story, as he seems to have the instinct of an animal and can think to some degree like a man. He is capable of fast moving and is able to disappear quickly. He has been here for some time, and whether he is from this planet or another is what has to be discovered, since he has been seen right after UFO sightings.

I keep a scrapbook going on all sighting of the creature as there is no doubt in my mind that he is a reality. These sightings in Illinois can be validated in Joliet, Illinois, at the police station.



Bigfoot is clever

Your request for opinoins should draw a lot of commentary as many people have seen Bigfeet; though not I. Yet, I do believe they exist because I have read of scientists comparing tracks in remote areas of the mountains where no humans appeared to have been.

But the real clincher, I believe, is the historical account of creation in Josepheus. Josepheus recounts God’s creation of Adam and Eve, and how Lucifer, chief angel in heaven, was cast down to earth because of pride and efforts to dethrone God Almighty. Then Lucifer, now Satan, being quite adept and powerful, as God did not wholly destroy his powers, created a being in hopes of taking over man that God created. However, God, knowing all and controlling all, confounded Satan’s creation and it came out a hairy being (animal) with no understanding. This creature fled to the mountains, where Bigfoot is still found all over the world, though of late some Bigfeet are sometimes seen at lower altitudes.  Perhaps they migrate as do rock chucks in spring and also other animals. This practice stops inbreeding and makes for a stronger strain. No doubt many have read this account in Josepheus, who is regarded as one of the best early historians, especially of biblical events.

Hope this answers your question. Bigfoot is a separate creation and an animal, not human. He is clever, at hiding and is normally nocturnal as are most animals (deer family, fox, wolf, cats, hippos).

Ralph H. King


Too few sightings

I do not believe in the existence of any such thing, mammal or other creature, such as the Sasquatch.

I base my opinion on the theory that none could exist without many more that a half-cozen or so people seeing one or the signs left by one. Why has not one ever captured one or found a skeleton of one?

I do neither believe that anyone should kill or attempt to kill one, just in case it should be a human being who has reverted to exile or who is otherwise shunning the company of humans.

If there were such a creature, there would be more evidence of its everyday living and foraging for the amount of food required to sustain such an enormous creature.

Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Pickens


Two sightings

Yes, there is a Bigfoot or Sasquatch or whatever you choose to call it.

I saw a very large one at Lead Point in October, 1949. I tried to follow this animal with bear dogs, but they would not trail it.

I saw another at Hunters in October 1969. This one a less than 100 feet.

I have worked with Rodger Patterson, Roy Fardell, Rene De Hinden and many of the men doing research on Bigfoot. We have uncovered a lot of hoaxes. It seems to me the people doing this think they can get some easy money.

Ben F. Thompson

Hunters, Wash.

A myth

Bigfoot is a myth. It (he”) has no physical  existence. People who need to believe that the unknown and alien are still part of our world believe in Bigfoot.

When I was in college I made tiny candle-powered hot-air balloons and launched them at night. I was delighted when they were reported as flying saucers. In my opinion, Bigfoot sightings are a combination of kids in monkey suits, the desire to believe and a lot of alcohol.

Robert Rubenstein

Addy, Wash.

Similar to Unicorn

Bigfoot is a pleasant myth on a par with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. As long as taxpayer’s monies are not spent researching this myth, no great harm is done if some people believe in its existence.

As a scientist, I know that a species much maintain a certain minimum number to exist. When the numbers drops below that minimum, any disaster, such as a natural epidemic, or reduction in the food supply will wipe out a species.

This minimum number depends on several factors including the reporductive capacity of the species (I assume there are two sexes in the Bigfoot species), the mortality rate and the average life span.

For a Bigfoot species to maintain itself with the necessary matings and care of the young would require at least hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals.

With the constant reduction of forested home ranges of Bigfoot by timbercutting operations, and establishment of roads and homes, it does not seem reasonable that hundreds of Bigfoot individuals could have survived for generations in the Northwest without at least one individual being captured or shot and brought in for examination.

When a specimen is obtained, then a decision can be made as to whether it belongs to a separate species. Until then Bigfoot should be considered a delightful myth similar to the existence of Unicorns not to be taken seriously.

Walter A. Becker

Pullman, Wash.

Bigfoot smelly

I think Bigfoot is real because of the footprints. There is a certain bone in the footprint that no one else can copy.

It’s easy to make Bigfoot footprints, isn’t it? But a scientist can identify a fake footprint from a real one, just by looking at this bone.

And another way is the smell. People have smelled this smell before seeing the animal.

Shaum P. Ghagat

Pullman, Wash.


Bigfoot is most certainly a reality, as are the Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch, and other such creatures reported to exist in other parts of our world. They are not, however, remnants of a life form indigenous to earth as commonly believed. These creatures have been transported to earth by a life form far superior to our own from the outer reaches of our own galaxy. Or, they may be of extragalactic origin from elsewhere in the univers.

This life form must have learned how to effectively use the force of gravity, which controls all matter in space, to their own advantage. They must have learned how to disengage themselves from their own field of gravity, engage overlapping fields of gravity from other sources and, much as we travel a network of highways, transport themselves to any ultimate destination. The force of gravity is constant and universal.

By harnessing these forces they are able to transport themselves and their vehicles vast distances at speeds far beyond the speed of light, thus eliminating the time element involved in galactic or interstellar space travel. Or, they may have solved the mysteries of the black holes and white holes in space which also involve gravity, and thus perfected instaneous travel through time and space.

Some such mode of travel would be necessary when one considers it would take about 100,000 years to traverse our own galaxy from end to end if traveling at the speed of light.

This also accounts for the world-wide sightings of UFOs.

These creatures come from a planet similar to earth but one with a colder climate, which accounts for the Abominable Snowman seen in the Himalayan Mountains and for the long hair on the bodies of the creatures some people have also seen elsewhere here on earth. They are experiencing a  population problem and a shortage of food which is the reason they are here.

The creatures we see are not of the higher life form that is directing this exploration. They are a lower form of domesticated animal similar to mankind that are release here on earth as a work force. These creatures are trained to gather seeds from our plant life and ovum and spermatozoa from our animal life for transfer back to their own planet for development and adaptation to their own climate. Their need for animal life accounts for our finding the carcasses of mutilated cattle here on earth.

If these creatures were of our planet, we would certainly have found some evidence of deceased creatures such as teeth, bones or hair. We have not done so because the Bigfoot creatures are also transported back to their home planet, thus leaving no hard evidence of their having been here.

If the foregoing is not true, we must be the victims of a grim fairytale that fascinates everyone.

Marv Lindberg

Pullman, Washington

Studies needed

After a number of years of backpacking and climbing in the Pacific Northwest, I know that there is enough spce to effectively “hide” at least one of the creatures called “Bigfoot;” however after a two-year stay in southern Illinois, I know there is a certain amount of evidence that the Pacific Northwest can’t lay claim to having the only Bigfoot.

In Missouri, about 15 miles west of St.Louis sightings of a being very similar to the description of Bigfoot have been told, going as far back as the time before the area was opened by settlerss. The Indians in the area have tales of “tall, hairy and ugly men” being left by silver things that flew through the air and landed on the ground.

I have talked to several persons who have claimed to have seen teh “MOMO” (Missouri Monster, as the thing is called back there), and the conviction of these people is really strong that they have seena being that has no connection with humans as we know them, and might be an outcast from another planet! A creature with a very prolonged life-span could certainly cause the same sightings over a period of centuries.

I feel that much more well organized, well funded studies of this phenomenon should be carried out, to dispell [sp] whatever doubts about Bigfoot exist, and replace them with facts.

Chris Kounkel


No mamas

Believe in the existence of Sasquatch the Bigfoot! Of course not.

He is supposed to be an atavistic remnant from a past age, but questions arise that have not yet been answered by those who claim to have seen and even photographed the hairy old boy.

First of all, he is indeed always described as a male, but in order to procreate his species there must somewhere be a mama Sasquatch, or better yet a plurality of potential mamas and some little Sasquatches of both sexes and varying ages, preferably from different families. No one so far has reported seeing any of these necessary adjuncts to species perpetuation.

Failing this essential, one can only resort to the miraculous and the supernatural for an explanation of his existence or his speculative origin and age. Personally, I am highly skeptical of supernaturalism and for that reason alone, I must class Bigfoot with the Loch Ness monster and other fancifuls [sp] dear to the imagination and the genuine concern of so many.

Willis B. Merriam

Pullman, Wash.

Heavily influenced

In my opinion about Bigfoot, I think it is real because of research I have done and occurences that have happened in the past year. And sightings and photos, by friends, of Bigfoot in this area also have heavily influenced my belief in its existence.

Chris Malloy


Fellow creatures

We believe in the existence of the Sasquatch. Bigfoot is a reality.

The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy c/o  Richard Loucks

Pullman, Wash.