Most serious bigfoot researchers do not “look for bigfoot”. Instead they look for evidence such as footprints, stick formations, hair, twisted tree trunks, nests or bedding areas. My area of interest is audio recording. And since most bigfoot activity is at night, most of my recordings are remotely done by leaving audio recorders in selected locations over night.

Why my interest in the Missouri State Parks? Public lands in Missouri include the state park system, municipal properties, Mark Twain National Forest, etc. So by going camping with my family I am able to get into certain areas to do my research. Unless one owns private land or has special access to private land bigfoot researchers are restricted to public lands.

Most of my recordings at my Bigfoot Sounds page were recorded on public lands. Finding evidence involves three things:
1) Being fortunate enough by being in the right place at the right time.
2) Being knowledgable about knowing what to look for.
3) Being patient and having perserverance to keep up “the hunt”.

As time goes on and I visit different areas in Missouri I will set up a page for that specific area. I will provide a specific link when I either have some pictures, recordings or other information posted.

Public areas that I have researched in Missouri include:

State of Missouri Public Lands:
Cuivre River State Park
Mark Twain State Park
Meramec State Park
Onondaga State Park
Rock Bridge State Park

Municipal Lands:

Federal Lands: