COURTENAY HISTORY AND GENEALOGY — This home page is dedicated to preserving the unique history and genealogy of the Courtenay family. The Courtenay family has roots in France and England with branches in Ireland. Significant branches of the family are located today in England, Ireland, Canada, the United States, and Australia. This home page is maintained by St. John Courtenay III (Arlington, VA) who is a Local Corresponding Secretary for the Courtenay Society. The Courtenay Society is based in Devon, England at Powderham Castle.

DOROTHY SAUNDERS –The home page of Dorothy Courtney Saunders, Greenbrae, CA. Dorothy has compiled extensive research on the Courtney and Courtenay lines.

STUART WRIGHT — The home page of Stuart Wright, Brantford, Ontario.

COURTENAY, FRANCE — Courtenay, France is the small town where ATHON de COURTENAY started the COURTENAY FAMILY in the year 1010.

POWDERHAM CASTLE — the ancestral home of the Courtenay family begun by Sir Philip Courtenay, circa 1391.

ANCESTRY of STAN COURTNEY and VICKIE BLOTNA — ancestry of the editor at Family Tree Maker

ANCESTORS of STAN COURTNEY and VICKIE BLOTNA — ancestry of the editor at Ultimate Family Tree

DESC.of OWEN COURTNEY — b 1806 in Dundulk, Ireland. Owen came to the U.S.A in 1847 to North Hudson, NY. The family then moved to Galesburg, IL in 1855. 1