I have mentioned before how I believe that something comes close to my home and makes unusual sounds from the nearby woods. I have always thought the purpose of this is to test or tease my Karelian Bear Dog, Belle. Last night, the 15th of November, 2011,  was one of those nights.

The woods behind my home. The sound was recorded at about 10:20 p.m.

Belle was barking at something that was about 200 yrds north of the house and up in the woods on the hillside. In this recording you can hear  the odd sound at the 2 second and 9 second mark. Belle is also running and rustling in the leaves.

The picture above illustrates the sound in both waveform view and spectral view.

With the wind and distance it was tough to get a decent recording. Recorded using a Sound Devices 722 field recorder and Telinga Stereo Microphone.

Click here to listen to sound clip: Voice 19

It sort of reminds me of the Jason Aldean song lyric “it’s your world, and I’m just passing through.”