Disclaimer – many researchers have experienced and discussed what they assume to be infra-sound associated with sasquatch encounters.  I am not knowledgeable enough on the subject of infra-sound nor do I have scientific evidence to prove what I experienced on the evening of the 18th of July, 2010 in the Blue Mountains of southeastern Washington State. With that in mind I will attempt to relate what I experienced.


While on an expedition in the Washington Cascades I mentioned to Kevin Jones that I was going to camp in the Blue Mountains near where Paul Freeman had procured a possible sasquatch video. Vance Orchard wrote two volumes about bigfoot in this area, ” Bigfoot of the Blues” in 1993 and  “Walla Walla Bigfoot” in 2001. Kevin reminded me that the Blues was where he had experienced several infra-sound episodes.  I asked if he would mind sharing with me his campsite location as I would like to camp there.  He showed me on a map the exact location and I entered it into my GPS.

I would guess that I was a little nervous as I drove up to the campsite. Part of the dirt road was so steep that I slipped my Jeep Rubicon into low 4-wheel drive to finish the climp. My ancestors had traveled to Oregon on the Oregon Trail in 1880 and eventually settled in the Blues on the Oregon side. I have often wondered if there were stories of the original pioneers that had been whispered but never written down.

General location of one section of the Blue Mountains that straddles the Washington-Oregon line. On the map one can see the little settlement of Promise that my great-great-grandfather helped found in pioneer days.

At the campsite overlooking the Mill Creek Watershed Area that is “off-limits” to protect the water supply for Walla Walla, Washington.

Several different types of signs that warn the public to stay out! The watershed is the area Paul Freeman had been hired to patrol by the Forest Service when he had his first bigfoot sighting.

The opposite side of the road looking into much denser stands of pines.

(photo taken back home showing the external loud speakers)

I would be spending the night in my Jeep Rubicon specially outfitted with outdoor speakers and an extra stereo and amplifier system. When I arrived around 4 p.m. I was excited that the site afforded both an open expanse into the watershed as well as a heavier wooded area on the opposite of the road. If anything was going to approach during the night it had plenty of cover to do so.

I walked several miles up and down the dusty road looking for prints and hopefully making my presence known to any of the local inhabitants. While walking a side by side ATV came speeding through. The driver, an older gentleman did not look too friendly as he drove by.  About an hour later the ATV was coming back and I positioned myself so that he might stop and talk. He slowed to a stop and I could see that it was probably one of the local ranchers. I asked if the road continued on through (as the topo map suggested). He said no, there was a gate around the corner and I was on private property. He stated that he and his wife had gone about a mile further and checked a pond where they found cougar and black bear tracks.

The wife was more friendly and inquired as to what I was doing. I explained that I was doing audio recording and she asked if it was for wolves as just across the border wolves have been taking livestock in Wallowa County, Oregon.  I answered no I was actually attempting to record sasquatch vocalizations. She laughed nervously and stated that she didn’t believe they existed. I replied that lots of tracks had been found in the Blues. At that the husband looked up and stated that several years ago he had seen an 8 feet tall hairy upright walking animal cross the road kind of slouched over.  He said the next day several dozen cars had come out and were making casts of footprints.

It turns out that I did have a recording of the conversation, however the microphones were a hundred feet away so the quality is poor.

Click here to listen to sound clip:  Blue Mt sighting

I asked him if he had reported it and he said no and that he had no desire to.

It turns out that both the road I was on and the property where I was camping belonged to the Forest Service and I had every right to be there.

The roads had a deep accumulation of dust that made looking for footprints easier.

I continued with my plan. As the sun was not quite down I picked up an electronic megaphone and pointed it towards the deep canyons of the Watershed.  The sound echoed across the vast expanse but I heard nothing.  I did this three times and leaned up against the jeep. Several minutes passed and I started to feel a slight tingling all over. I thought ‘Well if this is what infra-sound feels like they must be quite a distance away.’  I could not see or hear anything unusual, although the rancher’s wife did comment on how my dog kept starring into the woods across the road.

Several minutes later I retreated to the safety (however futile) of the Jeep. I watched as the sun went down and waited until 9:15 p.m. and it was close to dark. Then I used my iPod Touch to play three Tahoe Screams through the outdoor speakers and the extra stereo and amplifier system.  I had my audio recorder running. One microphone was placed about 40 feet from me overlooking the Watershed and another microphone was placed on the top of the jeep to hopefully record anything that approached.  Kevin Jones had told me that this area was very quiet as to vocals so I did not really expect to hear anything.

I lay there several minutes and not hearing anything I quickly fell asleep. It seemed that I had only been asleep about an hour when I felt something that is difficult for me to describe. It started on my left side and quickly spread throughout my body. It did not feel electrical but mechanical. Sort of like laying on a vibrating bed or someone placing a large hand vibrator against my side. But the vibrations were internal, it felt like it was uniform throughout my whole body. It is hard to recall but it seemed to last maybe 30 seconds and stop for about 10 seconds. It would start up again. I think this happened about four times. My only thoughts were ‘well, be careful what you wish for.” I did not feel anxious, or have any fear. After it stopped I slept very soundly and did not wake up until it started to get light around 5:00 a.m. My dog did not have any reactions.

I walked up and down the road looking for tracks but could find none. The road towards the timber was moister, there was no dust and it would have been easy for something to cross the road without leaving an imprint.

Later that day I spoke with Kevin and related to him my experience. Some of the details were not what I expected.  Kevin responded “Stan, I don’t tell people completely what the experience feels like so that when they tell me their experience is, it can be compared to my own.” That way one’s imaginations can not run rampant and come up with something that didn’t really happen.

I have listened to my recordings but need to review them again.

I did find one possible wood-knock at around 12:15 a.m.

Click here to listen to sound clip:  Wood Knocks 2

Waveform View

Spectral View

Conclusion – it is certainly a new experience for me. I don’t have any answers.  And I try not to figure out why, if this is a sasquatch, what is their purpose? Is it to intimidate? Or is it simply to immobilize so that they approach the camp, look around, investigate and not be seen?

You can never get totally away from civilization, I found this church bulletin laying half buried in the road.