Illinois was my tenth stop squatchin’ in all 48 contiguous states in 2008. I was invited to go squatchin’ with Jon Buford. Jon is a local researcher in Southern Illinois. We were joined by escAPEe, who is with and has his own blog escAPEe’s hideaway.

Jon showed us areas near his home where he has found footprints and possible stick structures. I was at Jon’s previously and saw several sets of footprints.

Jon’s wife had the original sighting two years ago and since that time Jon has had several sightings of his own, as well as one of Jon’s friends (who I have also spoken with) and the next door neighbor.

We hiked in the woods and was amazed at the wide variety of trees and plants. This area has a large population of coyotes and Jon has seen a black panther.

When we returned from our hike to Jon’s house we heard a very unusual sound coming from the trail just behind us.

To listen to an audio recording of this unusual sound click here.
Southern Illinois Sound

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Thanks for allowing me to tag along Jon!

To listen to a complete audio recording of this segment click here: Illinois – 48 in ’08

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