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Anyone who would like to share their sound files I will host them here. Comments are welcomed and will be added here as well.

Three  separate page have been setup to highlight some of the sounds of  fellow researchers. Since there were too many files to go on this page I decided to have a complete page for each researcher. These sounds can be found at:

Iowa Recordings of Steve Moon


Eastern Ohio Audio of Scott Albaugh


The Argosy Project


Recording # 23 – Mogollon Rim, Arizona – May 8th, 20009 – Recorded by name withheld.

This was recorded with my JVC Camcorder. It was 4:15 in the morning on May 8th, 2009. I was about 50 miles S.E. of Flagstaff,AZ. in the Mogollon Rim area. I was sitting in my truck with my window partially down, when I heard the screams (approx. 4 ) I hit the power  window control and stuck my Video Camera out the window and recorded these 7 screams. The screams started toward my left ,about 10 o’clock position, and seemed to be moving towards my right to just about 11 o’clock position. Then there was silence. Very loud and somewhat angry sounding. I knew I was hearing something I’ve never heard before.

Big_Foot_Yells.mp3 (unfiltered)

Big_Foot_Yells (filtered)


Recording # 22 – Recorded by imonacan

From August 1, 2009, Warren Co., NY, in the eastern Adirondack Park. Clipped from my overnight audio recording (at around 2 AM), with the recorder (on a small plastic tripod) placed in a tree crotch. Sounds (cracks and crunches) of something approaching can first be heard, and then the sounds of something scratching on…. what I believe is the fake fur windscreen that protects the built in mics on the recorder . Additional movements (possible steps) can be heard, and then more scratching. A single sound of interest is what sounds like a “tongue click” at the 3:26 mark. In between the end of the loudest scratching and the tongue click, are what sounds like could possibly be…. a faint inhale… and a bit louder, exhale.This recording took place during the NESRA summer ’09 expedition, during which additional strange movements and sounds were also noted and recorded in the general area of our base camp.



From the early morning of October 11, 2009 in the Adirondack Park, Warren Co., NY . A distant vocalization from across the pond starting at 0:06 to 0:12. Within this vocalization is a set of 7 knocking “whacks”. I am suspecting the vocalization is possibly from a Barred Owl, but that the knocking is from a different, unknown source. It is possible that the vocalization is in response to this set of knocks, that were heard in a rapid and similar pattern, and noted three separate times over the course of two nights. This clip took place at around the 4 AM time frame. Equipment used was a Zoom H2 recorder that was set out in a tree for the overnight. This track was clipped from an overnight recording, that took place during the NESRA Fall ’09 expedition.



From October 11, 2009 in the Adirondack Park, Warren Co, NY. The soft melodic random knocks starting at 0:11, that sounded like they came from the forest on the near side of the pond, not far from the recorder.  At 0:26, a more distant (whawhoooo) vocalization from the far side of the pond. Although the vocalization sounds canine, and there were coyotes present in the area… the sound is not quite like any coyote vocalization I’ve heard, to present. Equipment used was a Zoom H2 recorder set out in a tree for an overnight recording. This track was clipped from the longer recording,  and occurred several hours after sunrise, and took place during the NESRA Fall ’09 expedition.



From October 11, 2009 in the Adirondack Park, Warren Co, NY. A series of soft melodic random knocks starting at 0:20, sounding like it came from the forest on the near side of the pond. There are also some softer (possible forest floor) crunches that can be heard. I don’t believe these sounds were produced by a woodpecker, and have no explanation for the source… on a calm morning in remote wild forest. Equipment used was a Zoom H2 recorder set out in a tree for an overnight recording. This track was clipped from the longer recording, and occurred several hours after sunrise, and took place during the NESRA Fall ’09 expedition.



Recording # 21 – Recorded by Sharonlee of  The Bigfoot Field Reporter.

July 18th, 2008,  Salt Fork State Park, Ohio

Recorded using an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-110.

Get Outa.wav

It was July 18th, 2008, my research partner and I had been sitting out at this area since 8:30 pm  No cars had come down the road in the 4 hours that we were there.

A little after midnight, we heard what sounded like a very low man’s voice coming from about 20 yards in the woods saying, “Get the fu** outta here”  then you hear me exclaim what the eff was that? then the voice laughed and began mumbling in jibberish.  We were quick to vacate the area at that point.


Recording # 20  – Recorded by  Victor Oropeza of  Az BigFoot Tracker.

10-24-09, Arizona

102509 Speech.mp3

The group went out on a Hunting Trip/Bigfooting trip. I didn’t notice what I had recorded until January 29th, 2010. We all concluded that this speech didn’t come from any of the people in our campsite. I just sent off an email to a gentleman asking if him and his team could clean up this audio. If they agree, then I’ll put a link to what they think of it as well.

12-06-08, Arizona


This was captured on our first trip out to a suspected “Hot-Spot” of activity, and yes, it turned out to be a “Hot-Spot”. There are also sounds of electronic interferance from a defective camera. I also learned that you shouldn’t have the microphone on your vehicle. It will pick up all audio from your movements inside the truck or car. Plus the sounds of the vehicle settling.


Recording # 19 – Recorded by Bipedalist, in Western North Carolina 2007 / 2008

Western North Carolina – Sound File 1

It occurs right before something prob. coons begin feeding in an improvised feeder I used near my bedroom exterior of house. This first attachment was recorded in the summer of 2007 around June 30, 2007 to be exact. Area of research can be detailed as Western North Carolina (West of Hickory/Morganton NC) Blue Ridge/ Appalachian Mountain region, just before the sighting I had later on July 8, 2007.

Western North Carolina – Sound File 2

Another snippet from the summer of 2007 recordings in wee hours of morning with seemingly deep vocal sounding language or articulation of some sort in the area of the July 8, 2007 sighting I had.

Western North Carolina – Sound File 3

A tree crash recorded from my window sill on 12/21/08 about 1am A 12-14 ft. 5 inch diameter white oak dead-fall limb some 45-50 ft. from the mic is heard cracking, breaking and crashing to the ground in a stream ravine from about 20 ft. up a tree on December 21, 2008 . It is probably similar to sounds that many Bigfoot researchers have heard when tree breaks/crashes are directed at them(as I have had occur on two occasions in the last year in a half or two). (this occurs the same evening I send Kathy Strain an email describing some tree crash incidents? Coinkydink?) This limb would have hit the creatures had they come directly up the creekbank and had it fallen at the same time the night of my sighting July 8, 2007.


Recording # 18 – Recorded by Don Tart, BFRO_South Carolina Investigator.

This recording was made on Dec 2, 2008 at 0150 hours using a Sony ICD-P520 Recorder in the upstate of SC. My wife and I heard two separate sources of howls early that morning and listened to the howls for more than 20 minutes. One call was within 500 yards of us and the other much more distant. Once they had stopped communicating, I made my way to the vehicle and retrieved the audio recorder from my pack. Right as I was starting to record and getting ready to let out a “whoop” there was a howl from the ridgeline and then another howl nearby following my whoop. My wife and I hear
the howls and wood knocks, mostly in the fall and spring as they follow the old trails migrating towards the Cherokee Foothills of Sumter National Forest.

Oconee County, SC Dec 02, 2008

Recording # 17 – Recorded by Todd Prescott, BFRO_Ontario Investigator.

PA Whistles

These two whistles were recorded in Pennsylvania at 11:26pm on Oct 11, 2008 near the Jacobs’ Photo Site.

PA Whistles Oct 11, 2008
PA Woodknock

This woodknock was recorded in Pennsylvania on October 11, 2008 at 4:03am near the Jacobs’ Photo Site. The knock nearly scared me out of my tent it was loud! The surrounding area was scanned with the Thermal Eye from my rigged-up tent. No heat signature was seen. However, something large crashed around the woods about 7 minutes later but stayed just out of sight. The crashing lasted for about 19 seconds or so. Not much can be deemed from the ‘crashing around’ recording (other than that something large was crashing through the woods). Hence, I  did not include it here.

PA Woodknock October 11, 2008

Ontario Woodknock

Warning – there are swear words on this recording! This woodknock was recorded at around 1:30am in Ontario, Canada on November 24, 2007. I’m on my walkie talkie saying, “Ester, come in, Ester…”, when the woodknock occurs (Ester was about 1km away from meat the time in another part of the forest). A fellow researcher that was with me acknowledges the woodknock, I respond to him, and shortly thereafter I respond with a knock on my jam block. The two of us were standing close to a corn field when the knock occurred in a large public tract of forest. We had just finished viewing through an infrared scope some white-tailed deer that were grazing in the field. The area has yielded footprints, a tree shake and numerous woodknocks (always just a single one). The woodknock of unknown origin occurs at the 7 second mark, and my return woodknock occurs at 26 seconds.

Ontario Woodknock November 24, 2007
Recording # 16 – Recorded in Northern California on August 25, 2008 – submitted by Eye Shine.

My husband and I recorded these sounds in the Northern Sierras. We set the recorder out after hearing three loud and distinct whoops earlier in the evening (that we unfortunately did not record). These sounds all occured after we went to bed in our camper. We recorded them initally on MP3 format using an Edirol R-09HR recorder. We suspect the rock clacks came from a creek directly behind our camp site.

Northern California Recording 08-25-08

Recording # 15 – Mississippi Recordings recorded on December 16, 2007

This location has experienced several daylight sightings. More information can be found at:
Project 3 at
Mississippi Recording 12-16-07 # 1

Mississippi Recording 12-16-07 # 2

Mississippi Recording 12-16-07 # 3

Recording # 14 – Recorded by DB Donlon in East Central Ohio on April 21, 2007

This outburst was recorded on a Marantz PMD671 with an Audio Technica 3032. It was recorded in .mp3 format. O.S. of Virginia and three other researchers were present during a planned expedition organized by Mark Maisel. O.S. recorded his own version of much of the event, though he missed these first few seconds when the creature was closest. The creature continuedto vocalize a s it moved up a ridge away from the researchers for some minutes. The researchers’attention was (understandably) riveted on its location. They later learned that the microphones were being inspected by one
or more other creatures during this time and continuing after. O.S. Bionic Ear was damaged during this time and will have to be replaced.

East-Central Ohio Chatter 4-21-07


Recording # 13- Recorded along one of Illinois’ river systems on Feb 23, 2007 submitted by Watcher.

This is one of three soundclips, recorded on 02/23/07, between 5:15 and 5:45 p.m. This was recorded along one of Illinois’ many river systems.

Illinois Growler 02-23-07

Recording # 12 – Recorded on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula on Jan 27, 2007 submitted by John Callender.

This unknown sound was recorded Jan 27, 2007 on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula at approximately 8:15 PM P.S.T.using a “Bionic Ear” (Silver Creek Industries) coupled with an Olympus VN-960PC digital recorder. I was with a group of researchers which you’ll hear conversing in the background as they were unaware this was being recorded. At the present time, the only theories we have on this sound is that it’s possibly from a bobcat. If anyone has any better ideas or could help us identify this sound please let us know.

Cry Baby_Olympic Peninsula 01-27-07

Recording # 11 – Recorded in Oregon on October 17, 2006 – submitted by David Rodriguez AKA MultipleEncounters, Springfield, Oregon.

The attached recording was made at the feed station at my research site in Oregon, where I encountered a sasquatch at a distance of 22′ three years ago while deer hunting. This recording was made on 10-17-06 during a clear couple of days. I carried in about 20 lbs of bananas, some apples and pears. While I was there setting up, a raven was cawing nearby. I was at the site for about an hour and left about 3 PM. During that time, I could hear movement about 100′ away, but could never see the source through the dense vegetation. I am pretty sure I knew who it was watching me. When it came time to hide my recorder, I had to conceal my left hand with my body while hiding the device under a log. With my right arm, I purposefully fidgeted with one of the bananas on top of the log, making sure this distraction would catch the eye of the viewer.

Two days later when I returned to pick up the audio recorder, it was obvious that just a few pieces of fruit were missing but 90% were still there. A deer, elk or bear would have ravaged the area. Ironically, the very same banana I was fidgeting with as a distraction, was half smashed. No other fruit at the site was similarly damaged, although one banana I left on the trail, was bit clean through. I believe the individual was there at least 40 minutes total at an audible level, so these are excerpts. In the beginning you will notice the raven still present, indicating the sasquatch’s obvious approach during daylight hours, and I suspect only minutes after I left. I believe the whacking you hear is him/ her hitting the banana on top of the log with a rock or stick. You will hear grunts, breathing very close to the recorder, I think him biting into an apple or two, shuffling about, etc. The background noise you hear is likely jets, however modulation seems to change as well, so I’m not entirely certain he did not find the recorder at some point and reorient it. I suspect he/she returned to the site a few times during the night. One mistake I made initially was in not peeling a few bananas, as I don’t think
this individual knew what they were. I strongly recommend using good speakers or headphones to listen or you will miss the more interesting sounds. I am confident you are listening to a living, breathing, sasquatch as I have had a variety of encounters at this very location.

BF DRodriguez, Oregon_10-17-06

Recording # 10 – Recorded near Stevens Pass, Cascade Mountains, Washington State – submitted by Jim Von Lossow

The first and second calls are intriguing, then as you listen there is a constant lower toned call going onthroughout. An amazing symphony of coyote and suspected bigfoot. We got the recording just before 10 PM on a dead end logging road, 7 miles in, on September 24, 2006. Located near Stevens Pass, off Hwy 2 in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. We were alone up there, my son and I on a clear star bright night. This chorus came as a response to our call blast. It happened just once and we were lucky enough to record it. What impressed us was the complexity of the ‘voices’ and the shear number of them. We have been to this place before many times, camped and hiked there. Found numerous tracks, heard more unknown calling and wood knocking, but never this chorus style
of howls. Very interesting place.

Equipment: This recording was made using a Sony MD RH-10 model recorder /player with a stereo microphone housed in a 18″ parabolic dish. Mounted on a small tripod makes it portable and directional, the minidisk player will record 8 hours on a 1 gig mini-disk and is housed in a waterproof case.

Stevens Pass, Washington Original

Stevens Pass, Washington Filtered

Recording # 9 – This recording was made by David Petti, Pine Ridge, South Dakota, 8/24/06.

Pine Ridge, South Dakota Original

Pine Ridge, South Dakota Filtered

Recording # 8 – This recording was made in the High Uintah Mountains of Utah on July 15, 2006 at 02:38 a.m. Recorded by bswearingen.

Uintah Mountains of Utah

Recording # 7 – Florida Howl recorded January 26-29, 2006 during the Florida BFRO Expedition. As far as the BFRO knows it is the first howl of this type ever recorded in the state of Florida. Recorded by Dan McGee.

Florida Howl Original

Florida Howl Filtered

Recording # 6 – Hoot and Cries heard in Ohio. These recordings were made in Ohio at 0350 in the morning on a BFRO Trip 28 April 2006. The sequence of sounds is as follows: Knock – 33 seconds – Hoot – 3 minutes and 23 seconds – Cry #1 – 6 seconds – Cry #2 – 6 seconds – Cry #3 followed by a couple of minutes of rustling sounds near the microphone. Recorded by John Williams.

BF Knock Hoot Original

BF Knock Hoot filtered BF Cries Original BF Cries filtered

Recording # 5- Wood Knocks heard near Patuxent River, near Bowie, MD submitted by Rip Lyttle.

Folks, please listen to my 4/1/06, 30 second, fairly clear tree knocks, audio recording (actually the knocks sound like knocking on concrete or a building structure) and tell me what you think! To me my knocks clip is completely reminiscent of Mike Aragona’s sounds he got recently. I got these knocks at 4 a.m. in a low ravinny area near Patuxent River, near Bowie, MD while I was doing my best research – I was snoring. Seems like most of the good stuff does happen when you go to sleep. I did not hear these knocks live, I heard these a week later listening to the flash card on my computer. It sounds like a close knock followed by knocks from one or two other farther away locations and repeated. This area has been currently hot with sightings, and is historically very good (Goatman and Bigfoot sightings). Also, the man that lives at the end of this road has set up a nature reserve in the ravine and says he and friends see a slate grey cougar there almost every year and when it screams he says its so loud it vibrates through his body.

Patuxent River, Maryland Knocks

Recording # 4 – Wood Knocks heard in Northern New Jersey submitted by Mike Aragona

I was hiking with my wife in Northern New Jersey on March 11th 2006. We where heading towards a scenic lookout when I started to hear these knocks coming from behind us on the other side of the ridge. I decided to knock back to see what would happen. I had my Panasonic Digital IC recorder with me. I knocked while my wife recorded. This happened at around 1:30 PM in the afternoon. I have been hiking this area for a few months now and have come across stick structures. I later found out from a neighbor that lived in the area his entire life that there are caves and mines on the side where the knocks where coming from. Could it be Squatches? I do not know for sure, but I cannot think of anything else making these wood knocks and stick structures. I plan on doing work in the area over the next few weeks.

New Jersey Knocks

Recording # 3 – Mt Adams in the Gifford Pinchot NF submitted by Jim Von Lossow

This animal went off three times, the first session was not recorded, what Graves got were the last 2 series of calls. There was a break of about 5 minutes between these sets of repetitive howls. It was just at sunset near Mt Adams in the Gifford Pinchot NF. These are very similar in ‘style’ to the GP calls on the BFRO sound page. In fact so much so that I have ripped a little from each and made a side by side file of them. What I wanted to do was use software that can do a spectrum analysis. So far I have not gotten the right shareware. Anyhow Track 2 has some good stuff and background noises I find interesting about the 2 minute mark.



Recording # 2 – Jemez Mtns. New Mexico, August 12, 2005 submitted by sojourner.

This sound file was recorded on the 12th of August 2005 during the New Mexico BFRO Expedition. It was recorded by “sojourner” (member name at and discussed at that forum as A New Mexico Report.

Jemez Mtns. New Mexico, August 12, 2005

Jemez Mtns. New Mexico, August 12, 2005 (nohiss)

Stan – My recorder had been accidently turned off so I did not get a recording. The sounds were certainly impressive to me. I am not an expert on coyote sounds but my feeling was that these were something different and out of the ordinary. It was very intense and something that will always be imbedded in my memory.


Recording # 1 – Northern New Mexico, September 4, 2004 submitted by David Letendre

Grunt – unfiltered – September 4, 2004
Grunt – filtered – September 4, 2004

These two grunts were recorded during the 2004 September BFRO New Mexico Expedition. Four of us were positioned above some canyons along a rock overlook. We heard woodknocking coming up the canyon and being answered back and forth. Five minutes later we heard an elk cow vocalize just in front of them and then silence. Five minutes later we heard these two grunts that left us with the impression that perhaps what we had heard was an elk hunt in progress. A noisey radio had inadvertantly gone off and given away our position. This was in an area where we had earlier in the day seen bigfoot prints, twisted trees, scat and bedding areas. The recording was taken from a Sony Camcorder.

To read a discussion about these recording please click here: The Elk Hunt Interrupted

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