My brother Dale believes that he had a visit by a sasquatch while camping in July of 2004 in the Lewis and Clark National Forest in Montana.

Here is a write-up that my brother did to document his experience in 2004:

My wife and I decided to camp closer to home to save on fuel with the rising costs of travel so we decided to try a public campgound in Montana. We decided to go to Spring Creek campground located in the Lewis and Clark National Forest located about 5 miles North of highway #12, West and North of Martinsdale. The campground is located in the Belt Mountains on the Southern edge. It has 10 sites with restrooms, tables, fire pits, and centrally located garbage cans. The main road leading to it is barely visable up above the camp in heavily forested land with a creek running South through the campground.

We departed our home in the country West of Laurel, Montana on July 21, 2004 and planned to spend a full week or so camping there. When we arrived after about 3 hours we checked out all the sites and picked out the one that we though would be the best for us and that would accomodate our 34 foot motor home parking it sideways instead of backing it in to make a maximum amount of privacy. Our site was on the end of a loop on the outside so we had nothing to our East and South but the forest.We set up our camp taking our time and fixing it up for a long stay.

The first two nights we were the only ones camping in the entire campground and then on Friday and Saturday only four other parties occupied other sites. By Sunday afternoon all were gone again so we had the entire campground to our selves again.

On Monday evening we were both sitting at the big picnic table close to our fire pit enjoying our dinner we had prepared. Our dog Zacary (English & American Cocker Spaniel) was close by waiting for a hand out. Where I was sitting I could see up the lane a short distance towards another site. I happened to glance up and noticed a very small young black cat sitting in the middle of the lane. I quietly told my wife to slowely turn and look as she wouldn’t believe what she was going to see. She turned around and saw the cat. She immediatelly got up and slowly started towards the cat. Our dog spotted it at about the same time and race was on, chasing the cat off into the woods and that was the last we saw of it.

We had a couple of cans of tuna fish with us and plenty of milk so we decided to set some out that evening after dark when we retired for the night. I placed it close to our door on the carpet along side the steps just under the travel home. When I awakened the next morning I went out to check the bowl and it was empty. We continued that day watching for the cat but never did see it the rest of the time we were there. We would place more food and milk out each evening till we departed on Thurdsday the 29th. Each morning the food would be completely gone. We had to assume the cat would wait till it was quiet during the night and then come and get the food.

On Monday night the 26th we had gone to bed around 9:00 PM going right to sleep. I was awakened around 1:30 AM by a strange noise which seemed to be coming from our door located between the kitchen table and the easy chair on the passenger side. It sounded like someone was trying to open our door. I was immediately alarmed and very nervous with many things rushing through my mind. I knew that we were the only ones there and the closest humans being about 4 miles back down the road towards the highway.

I am a Vietnam Veteran that served in the infantry in combat so I have a lot of memories of how scary things can be at night. I just layed there and continued to listen. The noise would start again and last about 5 seconds and then stop again and then it would repeat. Our door handle on the outside is a lever insted of a round knob and I knew the sound was identical to the sound that it makes when you place your hand on it and jiggle it. I didn’t know what to do at first and hesitated to get my 357 pistol out of the closet right next to me. After hearing this strange sound for several more times I decided to awaken my wife to have her listen to it also. My pulse was racing and it felt like my heart was up to my throat. She had a hard time getting awake and she did hear it once and then we never heard it anymore. I decided to get out of bed after I got calmed down and walked slowely towards the front of the motor home to get a large powerful flashlight under the sofa. I shined it out of the large window above the kitchen table and down towards the outside steps and door. I saw nothing so decided to turn on the outside light. I didn’t see anything even then but I had this earry feeling that some one or something was waching me. I sat there in the dark and decided that every thing was okay and eventually went back to bed with no other noises being heard again.

I tried to convince myself that it had to be that cat but knew there was no way it could have climbed up to the handle or even jumped up there. The exterior of the motor home is fiber glass and has a very slick finish!

I walked our entire area the next morning looking for some kind of evidence that something was out there but found nothing. The containers used to feed the black cat were both in place where I had placed them that eveing but they were licked clean.

After that we would place our lawn chairs and hammock around our door before retiring each night to make a barrier hoping if what ever or who ever came back that the chairs would be bumped and make noise to awaken us. We never had anymore incidents happen after that and we headed home on the 29th.

We went back to the same campground a month later and spent another 7 nights there with most of them being spent alone. We parked at the same site but had no more visitors in the night including the cat.

My wife and I camped with them the summer of 2005 in the same campspot. We were the only campers. The third night this is what I recorded at 11 p.m. It is my opinion that it is a large biped walking past our two motorhomes. When my dog growled from inside the motor home the animal walked away. Even though I had the night-vision next to my bed, by the time I got up and looked out the window the animal was gone.

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Waveform View

Spectral View

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