When I first became involved in sasquatch research my wife’s relatives, although polite, still wondered what I was getting involved in. My nephew’s statement was typical, “I have hunted and fished this area for over forty years, and in all that time I have never seen or heard anything unusual and I don’t know anyone else that has had an unexplained experience.”

My question to him was if he wanted to see a footprint, if I found one? He said sure.

On the 23rd of January, 2005, on Super Bowl Sunday, I called him at 9 in the morning and asked if he would like to see what I had found. He said sure!  I called my wife, another nephew and her brother as well.  They all converged on the site to look at the impression in the snow.

We had had several weeks of very cold weather. It appeared that an animal had stepped into some water that was very slushy and very close to being frozen. The impression left in the ice of the 5 toes was very easy to feel with your fingers. It was very neat to be able to actually feel the impression.

This 14 inch x 5 inch track was the best one we could find. There were several less defined possible tracks also along the creek and trail.

My nephew after feeling and looking at the footprint stood up and asked “What color is it?” My response was “You can’t tell color by a footprint, although I have a friend that has seen an animal here twice in the daytime and it was black.”