One common phenomena that has been talked and written about throughout many parts of the country is the “Cry Baby Bridge”. People have visited some out of the way bridge and heard unusual sounds that resemble a baby crying. If you do a web-search you will find many, many references and most of them have a paranormal explanation along the lines of some tragic story of a young mother taking her own life and her baby’s or something similar.

I have heard what I would describe as a young child crying near a rural cemetery here in Central Illinois. It was nearing dark but still light enough to see well enough to walk around unassisted by a flash light. The sound to me did not sound like a newborn but perhaps a child of four or five months. I did not have my recorder with me.

The old country cemetery close to my home in Central Illinois where I heard the Cry Baby sounds.

What are we to make of these sounds? I have already written three times about my thoughts concerning cemeteries and squatches.

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The following is a recording made by John Callender of Washington State and also found on my Guest Sounds Page.

Recording # 12 – Recorded on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula on Jan 27, 2007 submitted by John Callender.

This unknown sound was recorded Jan 27, 2007 on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula at approximately 8:15 PM P.S.T.using a “Bionic Ear” (Silver Creek Industries) coupled with an Olympus VN-960PC digital recorder. I was with a group of researchers which you’ll hear conversing in the background as they were unaware this was being recorded. At the present time, the only theories we have on this sound is that it’s possibly from a bobcat. If anyone has any better ideas or could help us identify this sound please let us know.

Cry Baby_Olympic Peninsula 01-27-07

Perhaps these Cry Baby Bridge sounds are sasquatch sounds.  I know of no other animal that sounds so human but lives in the woods and along our streams and rivers near bridges.