There have been several reports lately of sightings, footprints from two separate locations, numerous stick structures and vocalizations all within the forest preserves in the 4 northeastern counties of Illinois.

I have been on location at Bachelors Grove in rural Cook County, Illinois four times since early November 2010.  Normally I am not interested in stick structure, teepees, tree twists or arched over trees. It is difficult for me to differentiate between what is storm caused, human activity or something else.

Bachelors Grove however impressed me.  What I found very odd is that there is an area of the woods that is almost devoid of any vegetation or leaves. The area has trees of all sizes and logs, lots of logs strewn around.  I am told by local researchers that new structures periodically show up overnight, and that the logs are moved around. Many of these logs would take a lot of effort to move, something that I would find very unusual for humans to be able to do.

The area that is devoid of vegetation is about 100 by 100 feet. When I stand there I get the impression that it is a very unusual spot, almost like it is an area where something happens. And by that I mean I just get the impression that it is perhaps a rendezvous area. There has been much speculation over the years about sasquatch social structure. I normally try to steer clear of speculation when it comes to why sasquatch do what they do or what their  lives are like when there are no witness reports to back up our ideas.

This new structure was built between the first part of December, when I had last visited the area and the first part of April. It is approximately 12 feet by 12 feet by about 8 feet high. Pictures are a very poor way to visualize such an open structure.

What impressed me was the construction. I will not go into details because of the problem with hoaxers or people coming forward and claiming they had built it. If someone believes they either built it or it is of human construction then they can contact me with an explanation of the details of its design. I tried to lift the heavier crosspieces and was unable to even budge them.

Most areas in the out-of-doors do not bother me, but this location effects me in the same way as the Little Big Horn area of Montana, I just get the feeling that something has happened here. Not foreboding but I just wonder what goes on at 3 am when most of  mankind is asleep.

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