Colorado was my twelth stop squatchin’ in all 48 contiguous states in 2008. I was invited to go squatchin’ with Dennis Pfohl. Dennis is a member of the BFRO .

About forty researchers gathered at a remote location in Central Colorado. The expedition was held the 22st through the 27th of July, 2008.

Several techniques were used including woodknocking and limited sound blasting. One or two sightings were made by thermal imager, there was a major rock throwing incident, several possibly vocalizations were recorded including woodknocks, grunts and howls and at least two participants had vehicles struck in the night by unseen intruders.

Sound clip 1
These sounds were picked up at 0330 a.m. I am not quite sure if they are coyote or not.

Sound clip 2
This sound clip was just before daybreak on Sunday morning. There were a lot of sheep on the hillside near our camp.

At 5 sec. there is a loud vocalization I believe designed to stir up the dogs and the flock. I can’t really describe the sound, not a howl, just strange. Then at 50 sec and 53 sec two words were spoken. As to the first sound on the clip a fellow researcher told me that he has heard the same type of vocalization in Southern Colorado.

Sound clip 3
This sound clip was recorded at about 04:30 a.m. Sunday morning by Scott Smith of Arkansas. I appears to be a grunt and either a branch break or a hand slapping a vehicle.

Sound clip 4
This sound clip was recorded at about 04:00 a.m. Thursday morning by Scott Smith of Arkansas. Other members had mentioned that they heard an animal running close to the knoll behind camp.

The area had Peruvian Indian shepherders attending flocks of 400 to 500 sheep. Several recordings were made late in the night of vocalizations close to these flocks.

Thanks for allowing me to tag along Dennis!

To listen to an audio recording of this segment click here.
Colorado – 48 in ’08

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