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Woman Screaming

There are two sounds that I hear people talk about repeatedly, proclaiming them to be the vocalizations of cougar or mountain lion.

The first sound is what people describe as a woman screaming as if she were being killed. And the second sound is that of a baby crying, or the “cry baby” sound.

So what is that sound coming from the woods that sounds like a woman screaming? Almost every reference I have seen explains it as being from a large cat in heat. Now, I am not saying cougar do not scream, what I am speaking of in particular is the “woman screaming” type sound.  It is typical human thought to ascribe unknown sounds to known animals. If some one sees large cat tracks or even a cougar in the woods and later hears the screams it is easy to see where they would put the two together.

To be 100% sure of any sound there needs to be a publicly available video showing the said animal making that particular sound. Is that the case with a cougar “screaming like a women”? I can not find it. Perhaps a reader can send me a link to a video showing a cougar making this particular sound. There are any number of websites with cougar sounds but none with videos showing the sounds being made.

Are there other animals in the woods capable of making these sounds? I think the sasquatch is one of these animals. There are reports of sasquatch sceaming and there are sound clips. But alas, just as in the case of cougar, no videos are publicly available showing a sasquatch making a vocalization.

In about 1952 my older brother hiked to our neighbors across the canyon in Northern Idaho. On his return trip home he heard what he described as a cougar screaming. Cougar had been seen in the area. When I questioned him recently about it his reply was, “Well of course it was a cougar, what else could it have been.” However in 2008 my wife and I found and cast humanoid looking footprints not far from my brother’s incident.

The area in N. Idaho where my brother heard loud screams.

Not far from where I live in Central Illinois neighbors complained for years about the screams they kept hearing coming from the woods. And then again, their explanation was it “had to be cougar, what else could it be, it sounded too big to be bobcat.” And once again this area has had lots of both cougar and black panther sightings over the years. I have seen two black panther and two tawny cougar in this area since 2004. However, what about sasquatch? I know of two daylight sightings and I have found six set of humanoid looking footprints at this location.

Large 14 x 5 inch footprints found in the snow in Central Illinois.


So what is the final answer? Until someone comes up with a verifiable video of either a cougar or a sasquatch “screaming like a woman” there will be no conclusion to this question.  However, I think there is just as much reason to believe that it is from a sasquatch as a cougar.

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Notable Quotes

The following Notable Quotes are all pertaining to the state of Illinois.


Chris McCloud – Spokesman for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources

“The IDNR deals with animals native to Illinois, and Bigfoot is not one of them, he said.”


Dr. Christopher Bader, Assistant Sociology Professor, Baylor University in Texas

“For whatever reason, there’s an inherent appeal to the myth of the Wild Man or Bigfoot,” he said. “Somehow, that’s ingrained in us. … Bigfoot is `everywhere.’ So I’m not at all surprised he’s in Seneca.”


Dr. Angelo Capparella - Biology Professor, Illinois State University, Bloomington, Illinois

“He said that if there is a Bigfoot – a big if in his book – Central Illinois is not the place to find one.”


David Bloomberg – Chairman of the Rational Examination Association of Lincoln Land

“Every claim of Bigfoot has serious problems.”


Gus Gordon – WICS ABC NewsChannel 20 – Chief Meteorologist

“Well, if he comes to the door, and your mother asks him what he wants, and he says “About Three Fiddy,” then it’s not Bigfoot….it’s probably the Loch Ness Monster.”


Linda Jo Martin

I looked on Google Maps for all these places. I saw how skimpy the wooded areas of the state are. I can only feel sorry for the poor Bigfoot who is trying to maintain cover when there are so many people all around.


Talbott Denmead – Chief of Permits and Importations of Fish and Wildlife

“Varmints and sea sarpints” still roam, but chiefly in lively imaginations.”

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Piasa Bird Is A Wildman

I was raised on the West Coast and had only been “east” once before meeting my wife. In 1972 we flew east to meet my future in-laws who lived in the tiny village of Piasa, Illinois. A couple of days later they took me to see the famous painting along the Great River Road near Alton, Illinois. My wife had graduated from Piasa Southwestern High School whose mascot was fittingly the Piasa Bird. So I was quickly indoctrinated with the local lore and history of this famous character.

The painting as it looks today along the bluffs of the Mississippi.

But what about the history of the monster?

In 1673,  Pere Marquette and Louis Joliet, while traveling down the river spotted the painting of the monsters along the bluffs. Marquette wrote down this description:

“While skirting some rocks, which by their height and length inspired awe, we saw upon one of them two painted monsters which at first made us afraid, and upon which the boldest savages dare not long rest their eyes. They are as large as a calf; they have horns on their heads like those of deer, a horrible look, red eyes, a beard like a tiger’s, a face somewhat like a man’s, a body covered with scales, and so long a tail that it winds all around the body, passing above the head and going back between the legs, ending in a fish’s tail. Green, red, and black are the three colors composing the picture. Moreover, these two monsters are so well painted that we cannot believe that any savage is their author; for good painters in France would find it difficult to paint so well, and besides, they are so high up on the rock that it is difficult to reach that place conveniently to paint them. Here is approximately the shape of these monsters, as we have faithfully copied it.”

Drawing on 1678 map by Lean Baptiste Louis Franqueli

Quoting from the Alton Telegraph Newspaper

This wingless Piasa was included on a 1678 map, “Discovery of the Illinois country,” drawn by French cartographer Lean Baptiste Louis Franquelin of Quebec. The original map is in a French government museum collection. Photo courtesy of Service Historique de le Marine. A drawing of a Piasa Bird was described by Pere Jacques Marquette on his missionary journey down the Mississippi in 1673. Art from Telegraph archives.

So it can easily be seen by Marquette’s description and the drawing that the original monster did not have bird wings.

What about the name Piasa?  From Webster’s Dictionary we read:

The name “Piasa”, pronounced in English /ˈpajəˌsɑː/ or “pie-uh-saw”, is from the Miami-Illinois word páyiihsa (cf. Anishinaabe: apa’iins(ag), “little people(s)”),[1] the name for a type of small supernatural dwarves said to attack travelers. The connection between this Miami-Illinois word and the “Piasa” illustration is confirmed by such early French transcriptions as “paillissa”, found on Nicolas de Finiel’s map of 1798. (See Costa 2005: 297). Etymologies which claim the word “Piasa” means “the bird that devours men” or “bird of the evil spirit” are impossible, and are not rooted in the Illinois language.

Could these “little people(s)” or  “small supernatural dwarves” actually be juvenile sasquatch?

What wild-man / bigfoot / sasquatch features does the monster exhibit? According to Marquette – “a horrible look, red eyes, a beard like a tiger’s, a face somewhat like a man’s.”  Do not all of these features appear to be possibly sasquatch features? Many witnesses report sasquatch as having eyes that glow red, being hairy with beards, facial features being man-like. And in recent years reports have come in with sightings of sasquatch running as quadrupeds.

In the book Santa Claus, Last of the Wild Men, the author Phyllis Siefker traces the origins of wild man worship back at least four thousand years.  Paintings from the famous “The Sorcerer” at the cave of Les Trois Freres in France clearing show a shaman dressed in animal skins.

The Piasa “monster” on the left and the “Sorcerer” from France on the right.

But, were Wildman or Sasquatch found in this part of the country? Both modern sighting reports and audio recordings would seem to indicate that is still the case.

“The Sorcerer” at the cave of Les Trois Freres
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Footsteps In Montana

My brother Dale believes that he had a visit by a sasquatch while camping in July of 2004 in the Lewis and Clark National Forest in Montana.

Here is a write-up that my brother did to document his experience in 2004:

My wife and I decided to camp closer to home to save on fuel with the rising costs of travel so we decided to try a public campgound in Montana. We decided to go to Spring Creek campground located in the Lewis and Clark National Forest located about 5 miles North of highway #12, West and North of Martinsdale. The campground is located in the Belt Mountains on the Southern edge. It has 10 sites with restrooms, tables, fire pits, and centrally located garbage cans. The main road leading to it is barely visable up above the camp in heavily forested land with a creek running South through the campground.

We departed our home in the country West of Laurel, Montana on July 21, 2004 and planned to spend a full week or so camping there. When we arrived after about 3 hours we checked out all the sites and picked out the one that we though would be the best for us and that would accomodate our 34 foot motor home parking it sideways instead of backing it in to make a maximum amount of privacy. Our site was on the end of a loop on the outside so we had nothing to our East and South but the forest.We set up our camp taking our time and fixing it up for a long stay.

The first two nights we were the only ones camping in the entire campground and then on Friday and Saturday only four other parties occupied other sites. By Sunday afternoon all were gone again so we had the entire campground to our selves again.

On Monday evening we were both sitting at the big picnic table close to our fire pit enjoying our dinner we had prepared. Our dog Zacary (English & American Cocker Spaniel) was close by waiting for a hand out. Where I was sitting I could see up the lane a short distance towards another site. I happened to glance up and noticed a very small young black cat sitting in the middle of the lane. I quietly told my wife to slowely turn and look as she wouldn’t believe what she was going to see. She turned around and saw the cat. She immediatelly got up and slowly started towards the cat. Our dog spotted it at about the same time and race was on, chasing the cat off into the woods and that was the last we saw of it.

We had a couple of cans of tuna fish with us and plenty of milk so we decided to set some out that evening after dark when we retired for the night. I placed it close to our door on the carpet along side the steps just under the travel home. When I awakened the next morning I went out to check the bowl and it was empty. We continued that day watching for the cat but never did see it the rest of the time we were there. We would place more food and milk out each evening till we departed on Thurdsday the 29th. Each morning the food would be completely gone. We had to assume the cat would wait till it was quiet during the night and then come and get the food.

On Monday night the 26th we had gone to bed around 9:00 PM going right to sleep. I was awakened around 1:30 AM by a strange noise which seemed to be coming from our door located between the kitchen table and the easy chair on the passenger side. It sounded like someone was trying to open our door. I was immediately alarmed and very nervous with many things rushing through my mind. I knew that we were the only ones there and the closest humans being about 4 miles back down the road towards the highway.

I am a Vietnam Veteran that served in the infantry in combat so I have a lot of memories of how scary things can be at night. I just layed there and continued to listen. The noise would start again and last about 5 seconds and then stop again and then it would repeat. Our door handle on the outside is a lever insted of a round knob and I knew the sound was identical to the sound that it makes when you place your hand on it and jiggle it. I didn’t know what to do at first and hesitated to get my 357 pistol out of the closet right next to me. After hearing this strange sound for several more times I decided to awaken my wife to have her listen to it also. My pulse was racing and it felt like my heart was up to my throat. She had a hard time getting awake and she did hear it once and then we never heard it anymore. I decided to get out of bed after I got calmed down and walked slowely towards the front of the motor home to get a large powerful flashlight under the sofa. I shined it out of the large window above the kitchen table and down towards the outside steps and door. I saw nothing so decided to turn on the outside light. I didn’t see anything even then but I had this earry feeling that some one or something was waching me. I sat there in the dark and decided that every thing was okay and eventually went back to bed with no other noises being heard again.

I tried to convince myself that it had to be that cat but knew there was no way it could have climbed up to the handle or even jumped up there. The exterior of the motor home is fiber glass and has a very slick finish!

I walked our entire area the next morning looking for some kind of evidence that something was out there but found nothing. The containers used to feed the black cat were both in place where I had placed them that eveing but they were licked clean.

After that we would place our lawn chairs and hammock around our door before retiring each night to make a barrier hoping if what ever or who ever came back that the chairs would be bumped and make noise to awaken us. We never had anymore incidents happen after that and we headed home on the 29th.

We went back to the same campground a month later and spent another 7 nights there with most of them being spent alone. We parked at the same site but had no more visitors in the night including the cat.

My wife and I camped with them the summer of 2005 in the same campspot. We were the only campers. The third night this is what I recorded at 11 p.m. It is my opinion that it is a large biped walking past our two motorhomes. When my dog growled from inside the motor home the animal walked away. Even though I had the night-vision next to my bed, by the time I got up and looked out the window the animal was gone.

Click here to listen to this sound clip: Footsteps 1

Waveform View

Spectral View

I spent several nights camping at this campground in 2008 and 2009.  Three of these occasions were written up preciously.

Botanist and The Elk

Greasy Hand Prints (Oklahoma / Montana)

Old Hag vs Infrasound vs Unknown

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Footprints in Stone – Pt. 2

Pieces of evidence sometimes are found at the most unexpected times.  Such was the case a year ago when we found “Footprints in Stone“ embedded in concrete in Springfield, Illinois. Chicagoland has never paid much attention to their little sister to the South and it appears they will not be outdone once again.

In November after exploring the woods around Bachelors Grove Cemetery in rural Cook County, Illinois we saw deer prints scattered heading across the roadway. It would appear  that children are easier to keep away from wet concrete than deer.

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The Snorter

On the 8th of December 2010 I was getting ready to do some sound recording about an hour south of my home. It was 11 p.m. As I approached my car I heard this really strange sound coming from due north of my house towards a large hillside. At first I thought it was going to be a roar but then it stopped.

The sound was very loud. When I played back my sounds I was disappointed to find out that my memory card was full and I had failed to record that unusual sound. However when reviewing my recording I found several sounds that I think matched what I heard that night. The sounds reminds me of deer snorts but the sounds I recorded were much louder and filled up the cove with its sound.

Click here to listen to sound clip: Snort 1

Waveform View

Spectral View

On this next clip where the sounds are spaced 60 seconds apart you can tell how far the animal has moved because the second sound is much louder and closer to the microphone.

Click here to listen to sound clip: Snort 2

Waveform View

Spectral View

For comparison listen to a White-tailed Deer snort  – Deer Sound Clip # 1

Waveform View

Spectral View



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Illinois Screamer – Pt. 1

The first part of March 2010 I recorded the following sound. At first I thought it might be a Red Fox, but after listening to it further I don’t think that is the case. It would have been better if the Screamer had been closer to the mic. The recorder and microphone were on my patio running continuously. I am unsure of the direction from my home.

A view to the west close to our house.

Click here to listen to sound clip:  Scream 3

Waveform View

Spectral View

Click here to listen to sound clip: Red Fox

Waveform View

Spectral View

As both the Illinois Howl Illinois Howl and the Colorado Howl Colorado Howl would appear to be mimicking coyotes perhaps the Illinois Screamer is mimicking Red Fox.

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Thoughts on ‎”Troll Under The Bridge”

The following guest blog is from one of our regular readers who uses the name “T”.

Stan connected one of the aspects of bigfoot or a hairy man creature that has resonated in literature and history that, while not being scientifically evident, presents a strong historical and philosophical case for a bigfoot creature. And that is a similar figure in “myth”- the troll.

Ogre. Boogeyman. Monster.

Let me stray with an example- a very real “myth” that as young kids we grew up with when we were young.

At Halloween time, in scary movies or recordings of old, what sounds did a ghost make?

Darn right, those sounds made years ago on 45 or 78 rpm vinyl sound like the Ohio Howler, Columbiana 1994.

Are all the boogeyman stories traced to the single premise of parents trying to scare their kids so they would not go out at night? Some will try to convince you of that. Solutions so simplistic rarely provide the truth.

Let’s be practical, and logical. Pre-1900, all the world lived in the dark once the sun went down- especially in northern hemisphere winter. Doesn’t mean work outside stopped… just meant the people were outside still in mainly an agrarian world whose populace dwelt close to nature.

What sounds might they have heard in the woods? Was Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Puritans in “Young Goodman Brown”spooked of devils in the woods?

Here’s where biological science cannot reach- where the literature of old agrarian or plain old savage nature culture reached with its writings, where Grendel in the Beowulf epic still holds modern society’s fascination.

These accounts are not proof; they are not hard evidence; but circumstantial evidence back then was good enough to give a few persons a suspended sentence— gallows style, where there was no video or photos of the crime and no DNA to trace the crime back to the culprit. Maybe, the judgments of jurors got it wrong sometimes. But, they probably got it right often enough.

Point is that in this technologicallty advanced age, I am unwilling to say we are any smarter, or anymore knowledgeable than those who preceded us in history. Take all the people on Facebook and see how many could track the stars, the seasons, the earth, and nature as the ancients used to do.

And by ancient peoples, I do not mean time. I mean those who still recognize that in their genes, the DNA of all humanity is still as alive as it was in their progenitors hundreds, and thousands, of years ago.

There still are trolls underneath bridges.

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Sangamon River Bottom Monster

Stan – I received the following letter from a friend in Springfield, Illinois. Consequently I spoke with the author by phone. The first names of the individuals have been edited so as protect everyone’s privacy.

The Sangamon River Bottom Monster


This information is based on witnessed facts, and is as close to the events as I can recall.  I am blessed with a near photographic memory.  First is some background that seems to perhaps relate to the main focus, and as I think it is relevant, I will start thus.

1976 – 1st Encounter – Vocals Heard

The year as close as I can recall was 1976, the year before graduation from Rochester High.  It was the fall, shortly after return to classes, but before the autumn chill had set in.   On a date that goes forgotten, myself, Tom, and John, (both grew up in houses outside of Rochester in the unincorporated “Buckhart”, Illinois), decided we were going to fish some ponds that were formed by overflow from the Sangamon river in the Buckhart area.  I cannot say exactly were they were now, other than from memory, I recalled that if you were to drive to Buckhart and then turn immediately left onto a blacktop, it would come to a river bridge over the river, and a large sandbar there, then continue on north to eventually meet the Mechanicsburg blacktop.   The ponds were found by taking a very narrow unpaved dirt track to the left before the bridge, and then off again through fields until it came to a dead end along the river and ponds fringed with large stands of tall trees. It was perhaps a mile distant from the bridge.   We knew the farmer, who farmed most of the bottoms in the area from our associations at church, and who had given us permission to fish and access the area.

On the day of interest, we needed fresh bait, and decided to follow some other less used field perimeter tracks to a place where we could get near the river in the shade to look for earthworms.   We started out walking through the very dense weeds and underbrush, until finally we opened into that area where the overhead tree canopy makes less light available to the denser weeds, and lots of open flood plain is available to dig for fresh worms.  From this place, you can traverse the river bank fairly well, and the trees and weeds you have passed through make a green wall that hides you from view of the parked vehicle and fields beyond.

We went about digging in various places finding good bait.  At some point, perhaps a half hour into our self occupied digging, Tom decided to go exploring farther down by himself, leaving John and myself more or less digging together.  Another half hour or so, and I had a pretty good bucket of worms when I felt a strange sensation that I was being watched.  I remember having the feeling, and dismissing it, and not saying a word about it when John and I came across a large pile of earth on the river bank.  It was out of the ordinary, and actually, looked exactly the size and shape of earth if you were to lay down and cover over a body with soil.  We both saw it and both decided no way were we going to dig into it!   We joked about how silly to even think about it, and bent to the digging.   I got the feeling again of being watched and remember carefully looking around out of the corner of my eyes, to see any movement in the weeds or trees.  It was approximately 4:30 in the afternoon when we started, so the daylight was beginning to cast longer shadows as the sun got lower.   I didn’t see anything but the feeling kept nagging at me, and I more or less lost interest in the worm hunt.   At some point shortly there after, an interesting thing occurred.   It has never happened to me the same way since.

John and I were hunkered down on one knee, turning over small spades of earth, when he stopped, and I stopped, and without any communication between us he looked me straight in the eye, and we both turned and looked into the trees and weeds at the exact same time.  We never heard a thing.   At that instant, we both realized that we had both sensed something, and our minds were reaching that primitive level when you should decide quickly fight or flight.   He said to me, “We need to get out of here now”.  I agreed, and before I could say anything about finding Tom, the need for his search was over as he almost ran into us as he came looking pale and said, “I don’t know what that was, but we are out of here right now!”  We didn’t run, but we made haste following our path back out through the weeds and trees, to the waiting pickup truck!   When we got to the truck we all kind of laughed and joked the tension away and all talked quietly about the heebee jeebee way we had felt.   Then we heard something I had never heard before that hastened our departure.    We all heard it.  The sound as close as I could come to describing would be a woman screaming in undulating pain and terror, but it really didn’t have a human quality to the sound.   We did not stay to investigate, as it was either very very loud, or the proximity was very very close.   We loaded up and spun tires on dirt and cornstalks as we got out of that place.

We talked about arming ourselves with rifles etc and returning, but soon school and the fall and winter set in , and we passed on that and never went back to that place again.    This set up the next segment of the history of the area.

1977 – 2nd Encounter – Vocals Heard

You may recall that I had gotten a rust orange Jeep CJ 5 between my junior and senior year at Rochester, and along with Sarah and Mary, who had her dads old CJ2A, we did a lot of exploring the various wooded trails all around the area.  (The tales of creepy river bottoms made for some memorable make out sessions with Mary, LOL)

I had never forgotten about the river drama of the year before, but decided that we were all just acting childish, and that the scream was probably a Lynx cat, who do cry like women, even though I don’t really know what the possibilities of such species was along the river if any!  That goes unproven to this day.

One fall evening, myself and Steve were out four wheeling about, and went down the blacktop to the Buckhart river bridge.  For now apparent reason, we met and passed a Sangamon Sheriff’s car going the other way.  He went down about a quarter mile and I saw his brake lights and he did a u-turn, so I knew he was going to do a stop on me.  We had no reason to fear anything, but for kicks we decided to cross the bridge and continue as he sped to catch up.  It was just getting true dark outside.

Just down about a quarter mile I knew of a dirt cut, now a very muddy rutted path through the fields along an oil well tank right of way, and turned into it just as the patrol car crossed the bridge in time to see me heading down the path.  He never turned on his overhead lights, so we decided to continue.  It was four wheel drive needed, muddy wet and rutted.   He would not have made it fifty feet.

Passing the oil storage tanks, the path got overgrown, and continued until it came to a fairly steep hill.  You don’t really see these bluffs above the river from the blacktop but it is probably at least a hundred feet higher than the fields below, and took the Jeeps transmission into low range to climb it with the mud.   At the top of the hill, the path continued on into a dark stand of timber but as we had not explored that before, I backed the Jeep around and parked it so we could see back to the blacktop, about a mile away.  I had turned the lights off before climbing the hill, so I don’t think the patrol car even knew how far in we were.  We could see him sitting there on the road, parked, and probably waiting for us to come back out.   We shut off the engine and sat there watching him in the dark while a very light misty rain started.  We made small talk about how long he would wait when after a few minutes, he must have gotten a call for real police work and we watched him drive off.   Thinking perhaps he was trying a ruse to get us to come back out, we decided to wait at least a half hour, and barring another squad showing up, we would just hangout and shoot the bull until then.  That’s when Steve heard it.

I was talking about chicks, and remember Steve very seriously saying to me, “Dan, turn off the radio a sec.”  I shrugged my shoulders and did so, asking him what?   He looked in the rear view mirror, and said to me, “Did you hear that?”  I hadn’t heard anything but the radio.  He kept looking in the side rear view mirror, and it was totally dark behind us, so I told him that he wasn’t going to see anything back there.  Keep in mind my Jeep was a soft top.   Steve looked at me, and said, “I know I heard something back there, and I don’t like it.”  About that time, in the quiet and the misty rain, with small cooling clinking sounds from the engine as it sat, I heard it too.  It was on the edge of my hearing.  That kind of sound where you turn your head a little, not sure of what but definitely hearing and trying to fathom the sound for identification.  “Now you hear it don’t you” I remember him saying as He held onto the door handle like he wanted to make sure somehow it couldn’t be opened.   It sounded very low frequency, almost a wet guttural rolling sound.  Perhaps like a deeper wet rolling purr.  Although not like any house cat I have heard, but that is as close as I could get to describing it.  We could feel the vibration of the sound as it got distinctly louder as it seemed to get slowly closer.  I remember saying that I had enough of this, and Steve agreed and I fired up the Jeep and turned on the lights and hauled ass down the hill.  We didn’t see a thing but mud, corn, and weeds until we got to the blacktop.   We got to the river bridge and I pulled over.  Steve and I discussed what the hell, and decided that we would come back in the daylight and reconnoiter the area.

1977 – 3rd Encounter – Sighting

Several weeks later on a clear sunny Saturday, we followed that path in the Jeep back to the top of the hill.  There was a very old path through the trees, perhaps from some early hardwood logging, or maybe a shortcut for farm purposes at one time, but it was easy to tell that my Jeep was the first vehicle to travel up there in a long time.     The path meandered around and more or less dead ended in two places, forming as it were a large Y in configuration.

We got out and walked and searched and could find no signs of anything out of the ordinary.  Eventually we discussed the incident of the sounds with Tom, and Mike, who really wanted to tag along, and so a return nighttime trip was planned.

This is where it gets to the thick of it.   On that night, I was driving my Jeep, with Steve up front, and Mike and Tom in the back of the CJ5.  We went back down that muddy rutted path to the top of the hill, and then drove way back to the dead end of the path that forked to the left.  We had to cross a smaller fallen log, in low range to get back to that point, but it had a wide open area about a hundred feet in diameter that made a good place to turn the Jeep around so it was pointing in the right direction.

We got up into place and shut off the engine and sat quietly taking in the sounds of the night, and letting ourselves adjust.  An hour or so and Mike more or less thought we were yanking his chain and began to make jokes etc, as we passed the time.  It was a typical fall night, with light misty rain and humidity.   Steve got everyone very quiet and we listened close.  That’s when we decided that someone or thing was circling our position very quietly.  A twig would crunch.  Then slowly another, some distance away.  This went on in total darkness for an hour.  Finally, the circling of our position seemed to return to its starting point behind the Jeep at an undetermined distance.  Tom had a large six volt lantern flashlight in the rear seat.

If you remember Jeep soft tops, you will note that the back window area is huge, and is basically a top to bottom, and side to side clear acrylic sheet.  Mine was a little scratched up from scraping winter frost, but you could still see out of it fairly well.  While Steve and I sat and pondered if our ears had played tricks and we were hearing what we wanted to hear, Tom got very quietly terrified in the back seat.   I ignored his first request to start the Jeep and leave because it was not normal for him to be so quiet, but then I remembered how he was pale and reacted the year before at the river bottom when we were looking for bait.  He got our attention.  Steve asked him, “What is going on?” and Tom said very somberly, “There is something behind us, watching, and we need to leave now.”  I looked at Steve, and Mike kind of snickered while Tom had the light more or less shining through the window lighting up the area behind us.  I was whispering to Steve, about if he had heard the same sounds as before, when Mike, said, “Oh no” and got absolutely scared.  Real scared, I am making a joke of it scared.  Tom began to whimper some and pulled on my shoulder and made it clear he wanted to leave RIGHT NOW!   I and Steve were still not sure if they were pulling our leg, when I asked Tom why, and he said “LOOK” and just pointed the light over his shoulder without looking.  I and Steve saw it.  I know that Mike and Tom had already seen it.

My memory is this.   As I looked over Tom’s shoulder into the trees directly behind the Jeep, a large, tall, (figure of a man standing is about as high as the Jeep top when a normal suspended Jeep, and this was a foot or more taller) seemingly dark matted brown colored species of something bipedal ducked slowly behind a tree.  I had a very fleeting glimpse of red reflected eyes, meaning man or predator.  The fact it ducked slowly behind the tree is what suggested other than animal intelligence, and is what spurred me to start the ignition and high tail it out of there! Tom would claim it followed us in the trees at a distance as we left, but I can not confirm that.  We never went back there again.   It is important to note, that whatever it was, person or not a person, it could have done us harm easily, and chose not too.  Perhaps it was curious as well.

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Cemeteries and Squatches, Pt. 3

Bachelors Grove Cemetery (Chicago, Illinois metropolitan area.)

Recently I was asked to speak at the Illinois MUFON State Meeting at Starved Rock State Park. After giving my presentation I was introduced to John Stephenson who stated that my talk had made him think about some of the activity and things he was finding at Bachelors Grove Cemetery, which is part of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, Illinois.  John’s website is found at Bachelors

The trail leading into the abandoned Bachelors Cemetery, Chicago metro area.

According to John’s excellent website – Bachelor

“Bachelors Grove Cemetery is well known as one of the most haunted places in all of Chicagoland. This small desecrated graveyard has more unexplained paranormal activities than any other cemetery worldwide.”

Some of the activity John mentioned was –

Bent over trees

Feelings of being watched


Large nuts or acorns being thrown at witnesses.

Large pyramid structures

Logs being thrown at witnesses.

Logs blocking trails

Tree Twists

Unknown footfalls


Weird, freaky smells

John Stephenson standing underneith a very large pyramid structure.

Another picture of the pyramid structure showing its large size.

One of many arched-over trees.

On-site interview with John Stephenson.

Click here to listen to the interview: Cemeteries and Squatches, Pt. 3

Possible Howl Recorded

While we were in the middle of the cemetery John was explaining its history to me when several sirens went off. A few seconds later this loud siren type howl started across the four lane road and in the woods up a hill on the other side. Time 10:00 a.m. I wish I would have had my parabolic microphone on it.

I only had my little Sony M-10 (monitoring recorder) running at the time. Not a very good recording, I had to crank up the gain on the first part. But it is the best I could do. Excited was not enough to express how I felt when I realized what it was. It howled three times and then was quiet.

Click here to listen to the sound clip: Bachelors Grove Possible Howl

Waveform View

Spectral View

I have already written about the many sasquatch sightings close to cemeteries.  See:

Cemeteries and Squatches, Pt. 1

Cemeteries and Squatches, Pt. 2

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