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Footprints at Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery

Stan – a week after the Incident at Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery (June 25th, 2011)  I was contacted by Larry Wilson and we talked about an investigation and findings that he and Chris Mason had been involved in at the cemetery. I asked Larry if he would like to write up a report and allow me to post it here. The following is that report.


Date of Incident

June 28, 2011

Time of Incident

10:30 pm (approximately)


Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery (Sangamon County-Illinois)

Witnesses: Larry Wilson,  Chris Mason

On Tuesday evening June 28, 2011, I along with fellow paranormal investigator Chris Mason arrived at the Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery in rural Sangamon County near the small town of Glenarm, Illinois a little before 10:00pm.

Chris and I are both paranormal investigators and had previously talked about trying to find the cemetery to check it out for a possible paranormal investigation. Upon finding the location, we decided to do a quick walk through of the cemetery to see if anything of a paranormal nature was occurring and to check out the cemeteries layout.

We also had heard from other local paranormal sources that a group of paranormal investigators had been pelted with rocks or dirt clods thrown from the tree line around the cemetery [see Incident at Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery].

This occurred less than one week ago and during a paranormal investigation. We had also heard of several recent sightings of large tracks or foot prints in the Covered Bridge area of rural Sangamon County which is not far from the cemetery.
[see Footprints in Chatham].

Chris Mason and I both felt that the throwing of stones sounded like classic Squatch activity and because of this we decided to check the tree line around the cemetery to look for possible signs of what may have been throwing the stones at the paranormal group.

This is when we found the following.

In the Southeast corner of the cemetery property and next to an opening in the fence line, we found a mound of fairly soft clay. As we were looking around the mound of dirt, we noticed what looked like a fairly large foot print. Upon further examining the foot print, it was apparent that whatever had been walking there was barefoot. In the same proximity we discovered two other foot prints which were approximately the same size. We estimated the size of the prints to be at least fourteen inches long. The foot prints were also barefoot.

One of three  14 inch footprints found in soft clay near the southeast corner of Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery.

The tracks were headed away from the cemetery and towards the southeast. Because we had not planned on doing anything more than a walkthrough of the cemetery we did not have our usual camera and lighting equipment with us, so we took several photos of the footprints with Chris Mason’s cell phone camera. We also noticed that approximately 75 feet or so and to the North of the footprints a fairly good sized tree of maybe 3 to 4 inches in circumference had been snapped and bent over. The tree was located next to but outside of the fence.

Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery

# 1 – location where the three footprints were found in soft clay.
# 2 – location where the tree had been snapped and bent over.

The area surrounding the cemetery is rural, the cemetery itself has a fence around the rear part of the graveyard however the best that we could tell in the darkness is that it looked like there was an open field to the rear of the cemetery and it appeared that on the other side of the open field there may be more substantial tree coverage. But unfortunately due to the darkness and lack of lighting equipment, we could not determine any further details of the surrounding terrain.

We then left the cemetery around 11:00pm.

Larry Wilson

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Incident at Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery

Two miles south of Sugar Creek Covered Bridge, and also along Sugar Creek  in southern Sangamon County, Illinois lies the little country cemetery known as Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery. On Saturday evening, June 25th, 2011 Jenny Lowery Bertoni and four friends arrived at around 10 p.m. to do a little ghosthunting.

The entrance to the cemetery in rural Sangamon County, Illinois

GPS Coordinates -39.6200, -89.6845

From a phone interview:

Jenny – There was five of us all together,  four girls and one guy. We just went out to look around. We had done our walk-through, we sat down in the drive-through along the rocky road under some trees. We were all sitting down in a horse-shoe shape.

Jenny - We heard this horrendous branches breaking. Our first instinct was that some deer had come through the forest into the cemetery though we didn’t see anything until we saw a really dark shadow, a really big dark shadow, and we heard really heavy footsteps. We couldn’t really see well, and the whole time we aren’t thinking anything except ghost.

Jenny - All of a sudden from behind, but way up high we all get pelted with these really big rocks and dirt. We all got hit in the head and the face and the body with the rocks and the dirt. And then we heard this horrendous shuffling noise and we were booking it to the car.

Stan – And what time of night was this.

Jenny – It was probably about 10 o’clock, it wasn’t very late.

Stan – And what did the shadow look like.

Jenny – It was large, just huge. We saw the shadow running through the cemetery from where we heard all the brush fall.

Stan – I have been in that cemetery several times, can you describe to me exactly where it was?

Jenny – Where you first pull in you can park right there. You can then turn to the right and start walking down that way. Straight ahead of you in that fence line, that brush area, is where he came out of and ran towards us.

Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery

# 1 – location where the witnesses were sitting when pelted with the rocks.
# 2 – area in which they heard the branch breaking and saw the large shadowy figure.

Stan – And when you say “shadow” do you mean”dark figure”?

Jenny – Yes, because it was so dark outside.

Stan – But you could see it’s figure.

Jenny – Yes, and it was big. It was at least seven feet tall, if not taller than that. He was running in the dark, we couldn’t see features. And we could hear it, it is like it’s feet were really heavy, he was making so much noise with every footstep as he would run.

Stan – I don’t think these animals are dangerous, but they do like to scare people.

Jenny – Well he certainly did that. The rocks and the dirt did not come from where we were, they were really big rocks. We were sitting in little white rocks. It sounded like he circled around behind us. The way the dirt and rocks came down it was right above us but yet back quite aways, so he had to be really tall to make that throw.

Stan – And were the rocks large?

Jenny – Oh yes, they left a big welt underneath one of the girls eyes. These weren’t huge rocks, they were just bigger than the rocks we were sitting in. The rocks we were sitting in were like little white driveway rocks and what was thrown at us was like rocks you would find in the dirt.

Jenny – Until my mom said that bigfoot likes to do that, it hadn’t even dawned on us that that is what we were dealing with.

Jenny – Before the rocks were thrown we did hear a growl of some kind, we didn’t know where it came from. It was a weird, very strong growl.  And that did happen right before we got hit with the rocks and dirt.

Stan – Thank you for allowing me to interview you about this interesting incident.

# 1 is Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery showing its proximity to Sugar Creek.

When looking on a satellite map of this location one is immediately struck by how open the country is. As in many areas of Illinois this is farm country, large fields of corn and soybeans bisected by wooded creeks.

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Footprints at Sugar Creek Covered Bridge

One day (16th of June, 2011) after a large footprint was found in a backyard in Chatham, Illinois two miles south hikers found a large footprint along Sugar Creek at a historical site known as the Sugar Creek Covered Bridge near Glenarm, Illinois.

Sugar Creek Covered bridge was built in 1880 and is one of a few covered bridges still in existence in Illinois.

GPS Coordinates - 39.64036, -89.66230

A young lady was walking with her teenage nephew along a recently flooded trail when he noticed a large impression in the mud.  He showed it to his aunt who was carrying her camera. They were impressed by the apparent huge size of the print and that the toes were visible.

The footprint was about 18 inches long and 8 inches wide. The teenager’s shoe (which I measured myself) was 12 1/2 inches long. The imprint of the toes is barely visible on the left of the photo.

[Photographs are horrible at showing details of footprints. Then the problem arises, do you show poor quality pictures to the public and listen to a thousand complaints or do you post them anyway for those readers who are intensely interested in what may be happening in their local area?]

The father of the teenager contacted me and we set up a time to visit the area with his family. Several days had passed since the footprint was found and with recent rains the imprint was gone.

This park, although nestled along a heavily wooded creek, also sees a high amount of human foot traffic because of its historical significance in this part of Central Illinois.

Was this footprint from the same individual who left an imprint underneath an apple tree one day earlier two miles to the north? As both prints measured 18 inches x 8 inches it would lead one to think so.

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Guest on 107.1 WEAI – Jacksonville, Illinois

Tomorrow morning (08:15 a.m.) , the 3rd of August , 2011,  I am going to be a guest on  the Ryan “Rybread” show on 107.1 WEAI FM which broadcasts locally from Jacksonville, Illinois. For those outside the listening area the interview can be listened to in archive here: Ryan “Rybread” show.

The interview is in regards to a series of five possible bigfoot related incidents in the Chatham, Illinois area.

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Guest on WCIA TV 3 News – Champaign, Illinois

Is Bigfoot In Chatham?

I was contacted to do a short interview with  WCIA TV 3 News, from Champaign, Illinois about the possible recent bigfoot activity here in Central Illinois.


Please click on link below to watch the video:



For the reports about the recent footprint found in Chatham, Illinois please see:

Footprints in Chatham

Messing with Sasquatch may not be such a good idea 

Guest on 100.5 WYMG – Springfield’s Classic Rock




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Get Your Chickens In A Row

Recently, the 3rd of July 2011,  I was contacted by a friend of mine about an odd occurrence. Her niece lives near Staunton, a small town in Central Illinois. The niece was  gone for the weekend and when she returned home found that something had broken into her chicken coop and killed 24 chickens by pulling their heads off and laying them all in a straight line, all laying in the same direction.

This is a disturbing incident. What could be so brutal as to not only slaughter all of her chickens? But also what or whom would leave them all in a row. That suggests purpose and intelligence.

This Central Illinois incident left few clues. Their neighbors had also lost rabbits which were housed in hutches in their back yard, and unusual sounds had also been noted.

Map of Staunton, Illinois located about 40 miles northeast of St.Louis, Missouri.

Are there other similar cases perhaps in other parts of the country? And if so what conclusions were drawn?

In May 2010 the following article appeared in the Anchorage (Alaska) Daily News.

Mystery surrounds 26 headless chickens in North Pole

COOP: Bodies laid in a lollipop pattern, heads gone; three survived.

By James Halpin

Twenty-six chickens were mysteriously beheaded at a North Pole chicken coop this week. Then things got weird.

Troopers say they were called to a home on Sharon Road on Monday to a report of a mass chicken slaughter, with the carcasses laid out in a peculiar pattern on the ground.

The homeowners, who live in a semi-rural wooded neighborhood with large lots, had 29 white chickens in a backyard coop, said Trooper Ken Vanspronsen, who responded to the scene.

Sometime overnight Sunday, someone crept in and tore their heads off, but the homeowners told troopers they didn’t hear anything unusual. They woke up Monday and went out to feed the chickens, when they discovered 26 of them dead.

“They were very concerned as to why somebody would do it, and kind of spooked,” Vanspronsen said.

There was no sign of the heads, troopers spokeswoman Megan Peters said. The carcasses had been laid out in a north-south pattern — oriented with the coop — in a roughly 12- to 15-foot line on the ground with a circular arrangement of corpses at one end, in something of a lollipop pattern.

“It’s kind of a mystery as to why somebody would tear off chicken heads and then arrange the bodies in a linear pattern,” Peters said. “It’s certainly something that is perplexing. … It’s unsettling, to say the least.”

Troopers wouldn’t name the homeowners, saying they didn’t yet know if the act was a threat against them or if it was simply motivated by vandalism.

There was no damage to the coop itself and just three chickens survived the incident. It wasn’t clear if the suspects had been interrupted in their work of if the surviving chickens held some unknown significance.

“It’s kind of hard to say why anybody would do it in the first place, let alone why they’d stop,” Vanspronsen said.

The chicken carcasses when found were buzzing with flies in the warm Interior day and the meat was not salvageable. The display was photographed and the chickens were thrown out, Peters said..

I have been in contact with the reporter and in the last year nothing new has been added to the story.

In March of 2008  I visited a rural home near Springfield, Missouri and spoke with a lady who over a period of weeks had lost a large number of both chickens and ducks that were housed behind her home.  In this location only a few chickens were taken each night and none were laid out with their heads pulled off. I felt sorry for the two remaining chickens who roosted on her front porch and as close to her door as possible.

This family in Missouri had heard loud wood knocks and roars coming from the dark ravine behind their home. Large footprints and stick structures have been found by researchers on their property.  They sold their home and the new owners have been reporting strange sounds as well

In November of 2010 I gave a public talk in Belleville, Illinois. One of the attendees related to me that she was losing 5 or 6 chickens at a time. She also reported hearing odd sounds like a baby “crying in the woods” as well as other unusual and unidentifiable sounds. Their home is located in the woods near Red Bud, Illinois.

From Paul Graves, well known bigfoot researcher in Washington State comes the following note:

Hi Stan , my friend still lives in the cabin where he had a white sasquatch tear into his chicken pen and take 5 chickens and it layed them in a perfect row in the snow with all there heads pointed in the same direction , they shot bird shot over it’s head because they were scared and didn’t know what it was, they ran back in the cabin and when they came back three of the chickens were gone and two were left on the snowbank, his story was redone on “Monster Quest” show critical evidence, and the very first Monster Quest also .

This incident was also reported in the local newspaper (Wenatchee, Washington) the Wenatchee World 26th of January 1977.

So what are we left with? Were these chickens, killed by having their heads pulled off and laid out in a row, killed by a sasquatch?

I would think that the folks involved would much rather know that they were perhaps dealing with an animal, such as a sasquatch, than what so many suggest, some type of satanistic cult.





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Media Article – Sangamon County, Illinois – # 3

Jul 18, 2011

Messing with Sasquatch may not be such a good idea

By Kevin Tremain

Springfield – The State Journal-Register

CHATHAM – There’s something amiss in the backwoods of Chatham, something potentially big. Lately there’s been talk around certain areas of town of an unusual howling and screeching sound as well as evidence of some very large footprints.

Since June there have been at least five to six instances of residents discovering or hearing evidence that the infamous Bigfoot may be lurking somewhere in the Chatham community. One case in particular has garnered some attention from local police, as well as a few proclaimed Big Foot experts.

On Wednesday, June 15, 2011, Michael Patrick’s mother was getting the liner to her pool changed at her residence, when workmen noticed an abnormally large footprint under the apple tree in the back yard and brought the footprint to Patrick’s attention.

The footprint measured approximately 18 inches long and eight inches wide according to the Chatham Police Department report. The immense size of the print isn’t fully appreciated until a hand is placed beside it.

Over the years Patrick and his mother had, at times, heard bizarre noises, but had always passed them off as coming from some common forest animal. But they weren’t the only ones that had heard the sounds either. The night before the footprint was found a neighbor had also commented about unusual sounds.

“My neighbor has a German Shepherd, and it heard something that night that spooked him. The dog went outside to investigate, but came back cowering, now it won’t leave its owner’s side,” Patrick said.

Unsure about what exactly the footprint was, and concerned for his mother’s safety, Patrick called the Chatham Police Department. An officer came to investigate the scene, but was unable to determine what might have caused the print.

“The responding officer stated that there was a large footprint approximately 18 inches long and 8 inches wide, and it appeared there were five claw marks,” Chatham Police Department Deputy Chief, Vernon Foli said.

The footprint measured approximately 18 inches long and eight inches wide according to the Chatham Police Department report.

To give you an idea how big 18 inches is, retired NBA center Shaquille O’Neil’s feet are approximately 15 inches long, and he wears a size 23 shoe. The average human being’s foot measures approximately 9 ½ inches. Most shoe size charts end at a size fifteen shoe. An 18-inch footprint is about the size of a healthy newborn baby. Considering the size of the print, it’s understandable for a person to show a little concern if they found such a print in their yard.

Patrick documented his discovery on Facebook where he struck up a conversation with a friend. Patrick’s friend knew John Winterbauer, a Bigfoot investigator. Winterbauer in turn contacted local Bigfoot expert Stan Courtney.

Courtney has documented sightings and gathered sound recordings and evidence of Bigfoot for years. He has interviewed over two hundred witnesses who have seen Bigfoot.

“I literally know hundreds of people who’ve seen these animals. There have been lots of them in central Illinois. I’ve recorded lots of sounds that other researchers and witnesses believe come from these animals. People in Springfield don’t realize it, but there have been a lot of reports from the Sangamon River around Riverton.” Courtney said in a previous interview.

Courtney said that there have been five to six other reports of finding footprints and howling in the Chatham area since June.

So why is Bigfoot in Chatham? Well it’s hard to say really. Patrick’s property does back up to a wooded stream which flows into Lake Springfield. Courtney proposed that the creature was drawn to the house because of the apple tree that grows in Patrick’s mother’s back yard.

Stan Courtney explained to Patrick that the apple tree might have somehow been interpreted as a gift of food. In the past the Patrick’s had noticed that apples from the tree had been picked, but only to a certain height. They believed that the culprit was a wily raccoon, but the large footprint seemed to suggest otherwise. Courtney told Patrick that a creature such a Bigfoot will usually return the favor, and present a gift of its own as a show of appreciation in the form of a dead animal or a strange arrangement of flowers.

This is the apple tree in the back yard of Michael Patrick’s mother’s house where the Bigfoot footprint was found. The print was found by workmen who were installing a new pool liner for Patrick’s mother.

The day after his meeting with Courtney, Patrick discovered the Sasquatch’s gift, a decapitated rabbit, near his mother’s house. In Courtney’s account he stated that the rabbit had, “its head pulled off, not bitten or cut, but just simply pulled off.”

Since that strange June evening, no more incidents have occurred at Patrick’s mother’s residence. You might think that such a strange series of events would frighten most people in to staying out of the back yard, but the occurrence has not deterred Patrick’s mother from going about her normal routine.

“She’s not scared, she continues to do her yard work, she thinks it’s neat. My mom has never been skeptical of it.” Patrick said.

While his mother may not be skeptical of what happened, others aren’t ready to pin the event on Bigfoot just yet. Vernon Foli posed a possible explanation, albeit an indirect one.

“One thing I can tell you is that approximately ½ mile south of this location is the former Grindstone Valley Zoo that use to have exotic animals. The zoo is no longer in existence but the owner is Brad or Larry Reynolds and he still has some animals at this location,” Foli said.

Could the print have come from an animal from the old zoo? The Reynolds had kept large animals such as buffalo, antelope, elk, deer, tigers, leopards, monkeys, and zebras while the zoo was open. Or could it be a bear footprint? It’s widely believed by many that there are no bears in Illinois, but with their presence in neighboring states, Wisconsin and Missouri, would it be so far fetched to think that there are indeed bears in Illinois?

At this point it’s hard to tell what exactly made the footprint, but with other accounts of strange happenings and unusual howls and screeches in Chatham, many residents are raising an eyebrow.

“I definitely don’t think it was a hoax, and it was more than just a coincidence. I think that people should just be a bit more vigilant and careful, because you never know what you’re going to find out there,” Patrick said.

To check out local sightings and accounts gathered by Bigfoot expert Stan Courtney click here.

To read a previous interview of Stan Courtney by the State Journal – Register’s Dave Bakke, click here.

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Guest on 100.5 WYMG – Springfield’s Classic Rock

Bigfoot in Chatham?  Tomorrow morning (07:10 a.m.) , the 21st of July, 2011,  I am going to be a guest on  Lynch & Liz in the Morning at 100.5 WYMG which broadcasts locally from Springfield, Illinois. The complete interview can be listened to here: Bigfoot in Chatham?

The interview is in regards to a series of five possible bigfoot related incidents in the Chatham, Illinois area. The first of these incidents is entitled Footprints in Chatham.

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A Night Out In Jefferson County, Illinois

On the evening of the 3rd of June 2011, I met up with Moose, a DJ from WLDJ  – 95.7 The Rock and some of his friends and took me to a remote area squatchin’ in Jefferson County in Southern Illinois. My goals for the night were to do some road walking, wood knock and sound blast in an attempt to elicit perhaps a response from one the sasquatch that has been reported to inhabit this part of Illinois.

In attendance were Moose of WLDJ,  Jeff ( an associate of Moose’s) and also owner of GTS Highland, Dave ( also a friend of  Moose’s) and Jeff Ludington, a local bigfoot researcher.

Although there were varying degrees of acceptance of the bigfoot phenomena, from sceptic to want-to-believe sceptic the subject was still approached from a manner of respect and non-ridicule.

The five hours we spent on location were live-streamed to the internet courtesy of Jeff, the owner of GTS Highland.

It was a very quiet night but none the less a great opportunity to introduce interested folks into what saquatchin’ is all about. The distant howls that Moose and Dave heard unfortunately were of too great a distance to be picked up by our recording gear.

For a short clip of part of nights recordings please click here: Jefferson County



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Media Article – Macoupin County, Illinois – # 1

Tuesday, April 9, 1991

Sounds of bumps in night at Staunton Lake

Alton Telegraph

by Mary Brase, Telegraph staff writer

MACOUPIN COUNTY – A foul smelling creature, that witnesses said may have been Bigfoot, apparently slipped away from Staunton Reservoir without a trace.

Cheryl Kampmann and Eric Schlechte reported hearing what may have been a large creature running up a hill on the south side of the lake about 1:30 a.m. Monday.

“We were sitting out near the beach when we heard the shuffle of leaves and three loud thumps,” Schlechte said.

It sounded like the creature was pulling up trees causing a lot of damage, the two said.

Schlechte said there was a “terrible rotten fish smell mixed with the odor of algae when the pond turns over.

“It’s hard to describe, but it’s pretty potent.”

Later Monday morning, as deputies with flashlights combed the area, Kampmann said she heard a growl and a roar from across the lake.

“At first I thought someone was fooling with a public address system, but the sound wasn’t near the cars, and the car doors were not open”

Schlechte added “It sounded like a cross between a lion and a grizzly, and lasted  three or four seconds.”

The Telegraph – John Badman

Eric Schlechte and his girlfriend, Cherly Kampmann, both 21, sit on a pier at Staunton Reservoir; where they say they heard something moving through the tree line early Monday morning.

Schlechte and his girlfriend, both 21, come to the lake often, usually during the daytime to catch crappie and bass. They said they have never encountered anything like Monday morning’s episode.

Neither have police and sheriff’s deputies, who found no evidence of a foul odor or even one footprint, authorities said.

“We didn’t really see anything because it was so dark and cloudy, but we heard it on the side of the hill. We first thought someone, was goofing off,” Schlechte said.

“Police advised us to clear out and we did. ” he said, but the two can’t help believing there may be something to the Bigfoot legend.

“It could be,” Schlechte said, looking across the water to the curve of inlets surrounded by trees.

“Well, if you find him, let me know,” Staunton Police Chief Larry Grabruck said, “But calm him down first.”

Macoupin County authorities said the spring sighting may be related to a recent Bigfoot documentary on television.

“I think my kid was watching the movie on cable last week, ” Grabruck added.

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