Recently (4th of August, 2011) I journeyed to one of my favorite squatchin’ areas in Colorado. About a mile from my destination I spotted a large Black Bear near the bottom of a scree slope that was right next to the road. I grabbed my camera, but the bear beat a hasty retreat straight up the slope making it impossible to get a picture. It was six hours later that I remembered that I had a  Vosonic dash-cam running and probably had captured video.

Click on photo below to watch the video: Black Bear Crossing

The rock road was extremely rough, sorry for such a bumpy screen. On paved road the videos using the dash-cam are much better.

Later we inspected the area and found a lot of wild raspberries growing and full of fruit where I first saw the bear.

I may not have captured the ultimate video but it was still fun watching this beautiful bear running and obtaining a video.