Stan Courtney

Bigfoot Researcher – Nature Recordist

Stan Courtney has had an interest in Bigfoot/Sasquatch since 1959 with his first possible encounter near Springfield, Oregon in 1967. Stan has been a member of the BFRO since 2004 and has interviewed 350 bigfoot witnesses and posted over 230 reports on the BFRO website.  Stan started audio recording in 1964. He has been actively engaged in nature recording for the last 9 years doing around the clock recording and has recorded over 100 sounds that would fall into the category of unknown animal or possible sasquatch. Stan has three goals:  to be a witness advocate, record nature sounds and  to gather information on Illinois bigfoot sightings. Stan has traveled to the 48 contiguous states, recording and researching sighting locations, has given  talks on the topic of “Bigfoot In Illinois” to various groups throughout the state of Illinois and has been a guest on  numerous radio and TV shows.

Stan’s currently belongs to the following groups:

AIBR – Alliance  Of Independent Bigfoot Researchers

ABS – American Bigfoot Society

BFRO – Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

Stan Courtney Research Group