If I’m wrong, then I’m sure someone will correct me, but I think I have recorded the first recording of Bigfoot clacking rocks together.

When on September 3, 2006 I recorded a Bigfoot clacking rocks, I was startled. I had heard that Bigfoot will clack rocks, but I had never experienced it personally myself.

In fact, I had never bothered to inquire what it sounds like when Bigfoot clacks rocks. Over the past four years I have periodically clacked rocks together in order to get the attention of the Bigfoot at my Main Research Box. It would be incorrect for me to state positively that my banging rocks together ever gave me any type of success. The last time I could remember clacking rocks was probably sometime in August at my Spotter’s Station.

Banging rocks together is rather monotonous. When I do it, it is only for a minute or so. I always figure if the the Bigfoot were around, they would probably hear me banging rocks right away. It always seems inevitable when I clack rocks, I seem to resort to pounding out the beat used by the Kansas University Jayhawk fans at their home basketball games. You’ve probably heard the chant before: “Rock chalk- jay hawk.”

You can go here to listen to the initial rock clacking back on September 3, 2006:

Rock Clacking – 09.03.2006

I hadn’t listened to the sounds the two Bigfoot were making that day for over three months, until several weeks ago. It suddenly occurred to me that I could not recall hearing any other recordings of Bigfoot clacking rocks from any other sources. I asked two of the researchers I work most closely with if they had ever heard any recordings of Bigfoot clacking rocks. They both checked out my request, and both came back empty-handed.