The 29th of July I went to my favorite park squatchin’. There is about 4 miles of very curvy roads that meanders through heavily wooded hills.

It was 7:00 a.m. I was trying to beat the heat as the forecast was for temps in the upper 90’s.

There is a small farm with a very large dog that I pass by. I always slow down to allow Belle and this other dog to look at each other though the glass. I was going about 15 to 20 mph. The dog was not in sight so I started to speed back up.

There was a quick movement out of the brush on the left side of the road and a large tawny longtailed cat rushed across the road and was gone. I was awestuck. I felt privileged to see such a magnificant beautiful predator.

I was also a little taken back. I have to realize for all the time I spend in the woods these elusive creatures are out there with me.

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