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Argosy Project

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This page was setup to host some of the sound and video files of a fellow researcher. Since there were too many files to go on the guest sounds page I decided to have a complete page from this one researcher.

The Argosy Project

The Argosy Project is a field research effort to collect as much photographic, audio, and physical evidence of the Midwest hominid, generally referred to as Bigfoot.

A concurrent emphasis of the Argosy Project is to educate the public about the behavior and traits of Bigfoot. Bigfoot is a unique species, and there are many inaccurate myths perpetuated by the media, and some Bigfoot researchers.

The ultimate goal of the Argosy Project is to get local ordinances passed, and laws enacted at the state, and federal level to protect Bigfoot as a treasured species.

His eight blogposts are:

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Sound Files

Please Note: All of the sounds and videos presented here were recorded on Sony HI-8 video cameras. As a measure of economy, the LP mode has been used over the more preferred SP mode which would have provided better picture quality, and sound crispness.

The day after the rock clacking incident, I came back to the location alone to leave the Bigfoot more food. It was about 6:45 p.m. and I was finishing packing up my gear at my spotters station when I heard a hoot to the east in the woods. I would call it more like someone doing a bad imitation of a barred owl hoot. It hooted a few more times, and each hoot seemed to be very low to the ground about 250 feet away.

Then I heard a dog barking just north of the hooting. The barking didn’t seem very convincing to me. I’ve heard it numerous times before, and the barking sound is always stationary. After a brief pause, whoever was doing the hooting and barking moved closer together. I could hear rustling in the undergrowth as the two individuals met. I’ve never heard of an owl walking to a dog before. Shortly afterward I heard two whoops almost immediately to my left.

I think these are three of the signature calls from three individual Bigfoot.


This rock clacking incident happened late in the afternoon. It was very sunny, and we had not seen or heard any signs of Bigfoot activity that day. We were walking and talking when the rock clacking started about 120 feet to our left. We sat down in the grass and waited silently. About five minutes later we heard some more rock clacking coming from the same spot in the woods, but this time the clacking was not as loud. We both concluded later that this Bigfoot was waiting for the recognition signal from another Bigfoot, but it wasn’t getting it.


After the second round of rock clacking, we still sat quietly in the grass waiting to see what would happen next. Blue jays were squawking quite a bit, between us and the Bigfoot. We focused our ears toward the spot where the clacking had come from. I was aware of the blue jays, but was really surprised when I reviewed the tape how much noise the jays were really making at the time.

We both heard the intermittent chattering from the first Bigfoot. It was a big shock to us when we both heard a second one start replying to the first Bigfoot from the other side of the cornfield in another set of woods.

Periodically, the two Bigfoot chattered back and forth. We both came to the conclusion that the second Bigfoot was telling the first one to be quiet and stay put. The first Bigfoot sounded like an adolescent. The second Bigfoot sounded a little bit older. This encounter was about 22 minutes long. The Bigfoot were quiet most of the time.


It was quite a brilliant Indian Summer day as I went to retrieve one of my cameras stationed in the woods. It was about a half hour before sunset, and some deer were running into the woods trying to cross my path.
I could hear, but couldn’t discern some audible sounds coming from the woods about a quarter mile away on my right, where the deer were exiting from. Then I heard what sounded like a single whoop coming from the other woods. Based on past experiences, I figured that was probably the only sounds I would hear from the Bigfoot. The Bigfoot, when they do make noise, are usually very brief about it. But on this day one of them surprised me by presenting a series of whoops.

For the past month or so I noticed an area in the corner of the woods that seemed to very active. I could hear movement, and on several occasions a type of slapping sound. I thought it was the Bigfoot striking branches against trees. I finally had the courage to approach the area late in the afternoon on this sunny day. My route to it was thick with thorns and ended by a small stream. Near the stream I found what I now call a summer den, heavily laden with vines atop it.

I was a bit timid, and kept having the feeling I was being watched to the north. From about 150 feet away I heard this slapping sound. I couldn’t see anyone, and continued to poke my camera in and around the den. Later when I reviewed the video I saw two Red Delicious apples sitting on a log- the type I had been leaving out for the Bigfoot at my Food Drop about 75 yards away.

It took me several more months to determine how the Bigfoot were making that sound. It finally dawned on me it was the back of a hand striking an open palm. My belief is this is a signal the Bigfoot use as sort of “heads up, we’ve got company” alert.

I had also placed a camera on a tripod about 30 feet from the den. So this is cleaner version of the hand slapping I heard, because you won’t hear my feet shuffling about the ground clutter.

Video Files

It had rained some the night before, and I was just starting off for the day. I was amazed to find a footprint right off the bat. Most of the imprint was about 3/4″ in depth. The big toe was splayed out a bit. It measured about 13 1/2 X 6.” I had seen this size before, but never with this degree of clarity. It was obvious the Bigfoot had cut across this footpath. The ground foliage on either side of the path covered up any other tracks.

09.19.2003 Footprint 1

This was from behind the summer den I found in 2003. Even though it is only late April, you can see already how thick the greenery is in this location by the den. My attention kept being drawn to the north because I could hear some type of chirping sound. When I got to the small stream I found this footprint embedded on the opposite bank. It was too muddy to jump across the stream to get a measurement of the footprint. I estimated it to be about 14X6″. The tips of the toes of the imprint were submerged just below the waterline of the stream.

04.23.2005 Footprint 2

A week before I came across three holes dug on a trail. I had accidentally turned off my camera when I bent down to tie my bootlaces. From the hole that doesn’t have a stick, I could actually see the ground moving up and down, as if some critter was just below it breathing. The smaller hole isn’t shown here, but it was very much like the hole featured here, in that it also had a small stick that was muddy on one end and placed inside it.

Later on in the summer I found several more holes of a similar fashion farther up the trail. It’s not proof of Bigfoot activity, but it does show someone with intelligence had used a tool(stick) to dig for something.

03.19.2006 Dug Holes

Many appreciative thanks to Stan Courtney for providing the Argosy Project a platform to expound its goals, views, and present evidence of Bigfoot’s existence.

Copyright 2004-2009 by Stan Courtney. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.